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10 Effective LED Sign Messaging Examples

Posted by Electro-Matic on Nov 20, 2014 3:25:00 PM

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Both outdoor and indoor LED signs can be an effective addition to any business marketing and communication strategy. There are an infinite number of messages that you can communicate through your LED sign to achieve unique purposes and goals. The keys are knowing who you want to reach and for what purpose to create a compelling message. Here are LED sign messaging ideas that you can use to create brand awareness, bring in past customers and attract new ones. 


LED Sign Messaging Ideas

  • Time-Sensitive Specials - “3 Day Only Mattress Sale!”   “Buy One, Get One Free”

  • Events/Holidays - “New Hope Worship Night – Wednesday, 7pm”  “Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner for 2. Call today! Limited Space Available"

  • Product/Service Information - “New 2016 GMC Terrains are Here. Pick Your Color. "  "Just in: New York Strip $16/lb"

  • Notables/Awards - “Voted 2014 Best Michigan Wedding Venue”  "2014 Class A Football State Champs!"

  • Pictures/Videos  - Display photos or videos of products, people, events, etc.

  • Customer Testimonials - "My family always looks forward to the Family Fun Night! - Judy Row"  "Best fresh produce in town - John Game"

  • Greetings – “Merry Christmas!”    “Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!”   "Welcome Home, Sargeant Smith"

  • Contests - "Enter the Dream Vacation Contest"  "Mother's Day Photo Contest - Tweet With #MDPhoto to Win"

  • Humor - “Whoever is praying for snow, please stop!”  “No Polar Vortex in Here! Come Inside and Warm Up”

  • Job Openings - “We’re hiring! Inquire Inside.”

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