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3 Places LED Lights Can Make a Huge Difference

Posted by Electro-Matic on Sep 19, 2013 6:00:00 AM

Everyone is trying to cut back on energy consumption, and the thought that the simple swap of a lightbulb from incandescent or fluorescent to LED could be an individual’s ticket to saving the environment is enough to turn some peoples’ heads. While “a little goes a long way” may hold true in the scenario, that is not to say that bigger may not be better. It’s great to feel like you are making a difference and, for some, even better to see a bit of savings in those bills, but if we are truly going to cut back on the amount of energy we spend on lighting, it will take a lot more than switching out a few refrigerator bulbs. Here are three places that LED lighting has the potential to make a huge difference.


From busy streets and thoroughfares to expressways, country roads and even neighborhoods, street lighting is a necessity in today’s societies. We count on street lights to guide us on our drive home and we count on them to protect us during late-night walks. Roadway lights line both sides of countless streets, sometimes with less than 100 yards between them, and while they are essential in terms of safety, the costs incurred by energy consumption as well as maintenance and installation are something that could definitely be reduced. Replacing roadway lights with LED alternatives has the potential to significantly cut back on expenses in both of these areas.

Parking Lots

Unlit parking lots are perhaps a bigger safety breach than unlit roadways, but traditional parking lot lighting is far from environmentally friendly. That is why LED lighting for parking lots has such a huge potential. Industrial LED parking lot lights can last for more than 50,000 hours, which equates to around a 13 year lifespan. Savings on replacement costs alone for traditional parking lot bulbs would make the switch to LED parking lot lights worthwhile, but the real savings to be reaped comes from the energy savings.


You may have noticed a change in stoplights over the past few years, and if you have not noticed one yet, keep your eyes peeled for new stoplights in the near future. LED stoplights have the potential to make a difference in terms of maintenance, repair and energy consumption, same as roadway lights and parking lot lights, but they have also been shown to be more effective at what they do. In addition to lasting seemingly forever and reducing energy bills, LED stoplights are actually brighter than traditional incandescent stoplights.

From roadways to parking lots to stoplights and beyond, LED lighting is the future. And while no one will ever tell you not to swap out your refrigerator bulb for an LED alternative, keep your eyes open and pay attention to the big ways in which LED lighting can make a difference.

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