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4 Lighting Solutions for Municipalities

Posted by Electro-Matic on Nov 14, 2023 11:36:00 AM

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The cost to maintain a city and its features goes well beyond the millions for most cities. It takes not only an army, but also a large budget to maintain proper and safe roadways, parking areas, transportation systems and more. While many of these costs are fixed, LED lighting is one cost solution that can help municipalities shave off thousands, if not millions, from their annual budgets. Here are a four places that LED Lighting can specifically help municipalities save big in the long run.

LED Road Lighting

Roadways endure some of the harshest weather and wear conditions. LED roadway lighting is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions and provide an affordable solution to lighting hundreds of miles of roadway. By changing out traditional lighting with LEDs, cities can reduce overall energy costs, increase safety of drivers and pedestrians and lower overall emission of CO2. By retrofitting LED lights to your existing lighting sources, cities can maintain their pre-existing structures and capture all the benefits of LED lighting.

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Outdoor Facilities LED Lighting

Many cities offer and maintain countless parks, sidewalks and other public facilities to enhance the local atmosphere and amenities. However, these additional features add substantial costs to city budgets to keep and maintain them. LED lighting for municipalities helps to increase the safety and security of these areas with LED’s radiant lighting, all while on a fixed budget. Long-life LEDs (generally more than 50,000 hours) also eliminate the costs associated with overall lighting system maintenance. Save money not only on energy costs, but save money on the costs associated with support and maintenance.

LED Parking Lot & Garage Lighting

With the advancement of LED lighting over the last several years, there are now many lighting options that adapt to the current needs of cities. Fixtures such as floodlights, canopy, wall packs and parking garage lighting provide affordable lighting solutions for city parking lots and garages. LED lighting not only pays itself off after several years but enhances the overall perception of the property, the safety of its occupants and helps to reduce overall crime by offering a secure place for locals and visitors to park.

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Public Transportation LED Lighting

Countless cities have also been “going green” over the last several decades with the implementation of public transportation systems. While this system offers a low cost way for residents to get around and reduces the amount of cars on the road, it does add to the overall budget significantly. While many systems run up to 24 hours a day, energy costs to light bus stations and stops can add up quickly. With the implementation of low-emission, energy-efficient LEDs, cities can reduce their overall energy costs and increase public safety.

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LED lighting provides an affordable, secure and energy-efficient way to supplement and maintain every city’s public areas and facilities. By changing out traditional lighting sources with LED lights, residents and visitors can have a better overall experience and the money saved can be used in other areas to enhance a city’s presences and infrastructure.

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