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5 Ideas for Marketing Energy Efficiency as an Energy Savings Company

Posted by Electro-Matic on Feb 10, 2022 6:00:00 AM

Marketing Energy Efficiency for OfficesThe most tried and true tactic of marketing any service or product is talking about how much money the person will save by switching to that product. The same is true for any energy efficiency company marketing their products and services - ultimately, the biggest selling point for energy saving projects is how much money businesses can save by rethinking their approach to energy usage. However, in an effort to stand apart from the crowd, ESCOs also need to differentiate themselves.

To consistently stand out from competitors, it’s important to not only keep your overall message evolving, but to also keep up with new marketing trends happening in the industry. Below, you’ll find 5 ideas for marketing energy efficiency as an Energy Savings Company to keep you up to date and ahead of the competition.

1. Emphasize Property Value Increase of Energy Efficiency

There have been several studies that have shown the increase in the rental rates of energy efficient offices, which in turn improve the capital value of commercial buildings. In fact, one study showed that if a company can reduce energy costs by $10,000 a year (an easily attainable number by having an energy efficient office), it can raise the property value by $100,000 to $140,000. 

2. Market Energy Services With Case Studies

One of the most powerful forms of marketing is testimonials from past customers. Did you have one job in particular that you provided exemplary service for? Use that to your advantage and write about what you did to help this client in need. Case studies are a perfect way for potential clients to see:

  • What kind of clients you typically sell energy services to
  • What type of services you provide to clients in their industry
  • How thrilled the client was with those services

Better yet, an entire page of case studies and testimonials of hundreds of companies you have worked with can turn the tables on the prospect - why shouldn’t they do business with you?

3. Leverage Partnerships With Manufacturers

One of the best ways to reach a broader group of people is to partner with a company to work together to expand potential clients. One way that ESCOs can accomplish this is by partnering with manufacturers of the products they sell. 

Many manufacturers have dealer or distributor programs and the ability to send direct leads to their partners. Are there specific energy efficiency products you love to sell or manufacturers you love to buy from? Inquire about what a more formal partnership or some co-marketing might look like.

4. Market Consumer Control

Innately, humans are selfish creatures. We need everything that we want as soon as possible, and we want to feel like we have control over any given situation. So, instead of marketing products as “money saving,” implying the company is doing the consumer a favor, ESCOs should consider marketing their products as something that consumers can take control of.

For example, “take control of the temperature in your office by insulating your windows,” opposed to “save money by insulating your windows.” The prior infers that the customer will be comfortable and doing themselves a favor.

In a nutshell, people may care more about comfort and control rather than how energy efficient it is. So, if they know that they can first and foremost be comfortable, and also have energy efficiency, they may be more inclined to get in touch with your company.

5. Tell Your Story

An important part of any company is their background. What got them started? What drove them to do what they do? What drove them to stay in business during challenging times? The answer for all of these questions typically go back to one thing: passion.

So, use that to your advantage. Your company is passionate about energy efficiency, right? Pass that on to your customer. Leverage the shared interest between you and your coworkers in a way that’s hard to ignore. Share with them why they should be passionate, too.

Marketing is hard work. There is no question about it. But Energy Savings Companies have unique opportunities in the ability to sell money (return on investment) and a reduced environmental footprint. Use this to your advantage next time you revisit your Energy Savings Company’s marketing strategy.

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