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Parking Lot Lighting Tips for Car Dealerships

Posted by Electro-Matic on Jul 12, 2021 10:23:18 AM

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Car dealership parking lot lighting is more important than you think. LED lighting is rapidly becoming the obvious ideal option for a variety of applications, including your outside parking lot at your car dealership. That being said, LED lights are without a doubt the most energy efficient choice that is readily available on the marketplace. LED lighting for car dealerships are unrivaled in their life-span and efficiency, in comparison to traditional lighting.

Why Choose LED Lights?
LEDs can discharge an extremely high quality of light with a great series of varieties. LEDs are little lights which keep in a stable state, implying that they do not include the very same recycling or breaking concerns which is typical of other lighting applications.
LEDs supply a far better financial investment for your dollars, as the longer life-span, ease of usage and series of control will eventually conserve you running expenses in the long term, develop you a much better and more noticeable parking area.
Here are five tips in maintaining your car lot of your dealership:
Adequate Lighting
The first step that you should follow when trying to provide lights to a parking lot is to ensure that there is adequate lighting. Having adequate lighting in a parking lot is important as it will make it much safer.
Your car dealership parking lot lighting should be as energy efficient as possible. Keep in mind that your dealership will see its share of nights, dark days or severe weather conditions. LED lights will supply a much better light quality with less, so it is both more expense reliable and a better alternative. To summarize, less is more.
The parking lot should be well lit to invite and provide your dealership appropriately, and supply a reassuring, safe and clean environment which to get your clients, while motivating and impressing your personnel when they get here for their regular shifts. The quality and kind of the requirements that enter into your dealership lot’s environment will generally set the tone concerning professionalism and security for your dealership, image, and brand as a whole. Also, the lighting will heavily compliment the new cars, making the colors shine tremendously. LED lighting will significantly alter how your consumers communicate upon their impression of your business.
Not only does it need to have adequate light, but it needs to be evenly distributed throughout the lot for safety and security reasons. Not having evenly distributed light can make it very hard to see and drive, which could lead to accidents. Ideally, you should have automated lights that will turn on once it starts getting dark. Having lighting that is evenly distributed will also make any onsite security cameras much more effective at picking up images in the lot.

Dealing with Harsh Weather
With LED lighting, the parking area that is being lit up throughout the harsh weather conditions or throughout night time look like a lot more carefully to how they are throughout the day. Instead of the orange or yellow-colored tint, LED lighting supplies the natural white color which lights up the lot, dealership, and the foliage. “Dead” locations are a lot less typical, as the power of LED lighting can shine through and offer broader protection of the lot.

Energy Efficiency
When you are looking to improve the lighting in your parking lot, you should also focus on a lighting solution that is energy efficient. Parking lot lights are frequently illuminated up to 13 hours per day. Because of this, it is very easy to quickly burn through standard light bulbs and run up expensive utility bills. A more affordable and environmentally friendly option would be to invest in LED bulbs that can cut your energy usage in half.

Use Control Systems to Automate Processes and Save Energy
Many auto dealerships keep some type of lights on 24 hours a day, and while this is useful for security and for highlighting your vehicles both day and night, it can lead to some rather hefty energy bills. One way to counteract some of these costs is by combining the lights with a control system that automatically optimizes lights and only uses the minimum amount needed.

Consider Lighting Height
The height of your parking lot lighting is just as important as the type of fixtures you choose. If you choose a light pole that’s too short, the light will end up being focused on a tight area, which means having to place more light fixtures to compensate, ultimately leading to spending more money. On the other hand, using a light pole that’s too tall will cause the light to be too spread out, appearing dim as a result.

While light poles come in a variety of sizes, (such as 16 feet, 20 feet, and 25 feet) your choice will ultimately come down to the size of the parking lot. A good rule of thumb is to use taller light poles and brighter bulbs for larger parking areas.

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