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Benefits of LED Signs for Restaurants

Posted by Electro-Matic on Oct 25, 2012 11:36:00 AM

Traditional restaurant signs can be a pain in more ways than one. Either you pay to light them or they aren’t visible at night, and either way they are likely not visible from much of a distance. Not to mention the fact that you have to manually set each letter in place, hoping the vandals will stay away. But in the twenty-first century, are these types of traditional signing methods really practical anymore? Programmable LED display signs can be a great solution for restaurants seeking to increase visibility and profitability. The benefits of installing an LED sign are endless, but here are a few that are worthy of a note.


LED signs are ideal for restaurants because of their visibility. They can be seen from significantly further away than any type of traditional sign, and they don’t require any additional lighting. The lights you likely use to illuminate your current sign likely need to be replace fairly regularly, which can be both time consuming and expensive. But a new LED sign can help your restaurant make itself known to those passing by, boosting your visitors and your profitability.

Energy Efficiency

Not only do LED signs help to make your restaurant more visible to the public, but they also help to save you money when it comes to energy. The first benefit of LED signs for restaurants when it comes to energy efficiency relates directly to your bills. Because of the way that LED bulbs are created, they require very little energy and produce significant amounts of light. This means you can have a gorgeous, illuminate sign without having to worry about taking a hit to keep it running. The other role energy efficiency plays in the benefits of LED displays relates to their lifespan. LED bulbs have one of the longest lifespans of any lightsource available because of how little energy they actually use.


It’s pretty easy to convince people that an LED sign can provide the benefits of increased visibility with limited expenses in terms of energy, but where people start to get suspicious is when they think about having to operate such a contraption on their own. Fortunately, so many LED display options exist that are designed for users with very little knowledge of the product. The typical LED restaurant sign uses a basic LED sign software application allowing you to remotely update the content of your sign with little to no training.


The final benefit of LED displays for restaurants is programmability. What this refers to is the flexibility of the signs when it comes to the content that they display. Not only can you easily program your LED signs remotely, but you also have unlimited creativity when it comes to the style of your content, the number of slides you display, and the times or days in which you display them. When comparing the flexibility of a programmable LED display with that of traditional signing options, it’s no contest, meaning attracting customers old and new can become all the more easier with this one simple switch.

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