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Cadillac Asphalt Reaps Benefits of new EM Visual Digital Signage

Posted by Electro-Matic on May 14, 2024 11:43:23 AM

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Cadillac Asphalt operates nine asphalt plants and, with their partner companies, nine aggregate and materials locations as well — including the largest liquid asphalt terminal in Michigan. As we control the source and quality of the aggregates and liquid asphalt cement, we can meet or exceed all specifications for every job — no matter how tight the schedule.

An outdoor LED display can serve as a versatile communication tool for an asphalt plant, offering benefits in terms of visibility, public relations, safety, promotion, traffic management, and weather monitoring.

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Before Electro-Matic, Cadillac Asphalt's previous signage was non existent. They wanted to upgrade their situation with an LED digital sign to get messages out to their employees and people driving by. To assist with this, Mr. LED, a full-service sign shop that's been in the business over 40 years and specializes in high tech Electronic Message Centers, brought EM Visual into the picture to collaborate and make their objectives a reality.

Benefits of Outdoor LED Display at Asphalt Plant

An outdoor LED display can offer several advantages for an asphalt plant. Since installation, Cadillac Asphalt now has the opportunity to reap these benefits from their EMC:

  1. Visibility: An outdoor LED display can be seen from a distance, making it an effective way to communicate information to employees, visitors, and passersby. This increased visibility ensures that important messages, alerts, or announcements are easily noticed.

  2. Public Relations: An outdoor LED display can serve as a platform to showcase the plant's commitment to safety, environmental responsibility, and community engagement. Displaying messages related to sustainability initiatives, community events, or job opportunities can help improve the plant's public image.

  3. Promotion: An outdoor LED display can be used for promotional purposes, such as advertising special offers, discounts, or new products/services related to the asphalt industry. This can attract potential customers and generate business leads.

  4. Safety Notices: Outdoor LED displays can be utilized to display safety notices, emergency procedures, or evacuation instructions in case of accidents or incidents at the plant. This ensures that crucial information is easily accessible to employees and visitors, contributing to a safer work environment.

  5. Traffic Management: For asphalt plants located near busy roads or highways, an outdoor LED display can be used to manage traffic flow during peak production hours or construction activities. Displaying messages about road closures, detours, or speed limits helps ensure the safety of motorists and workers.

  6. Weather Alerts: An outdoor LED display can provide real-time weather updates, including forecasts, warnings, or advisories. This information is particularly valuable for asphalt plants, as weather conditions can impact production schedules and operations.

Cadillac Asphalt has ordered three more LED signs, and plan on ordering another eight for other locations.

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