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Electro-Matic Products LED Lighting AR Series fixtures are victorious with the Corvette Racing Team

Posted by Amy Sorkin on Apr 7, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Pratt and Miller, an Engineering Firm based in New Hudson, Michigan, has propelled Corvette Racing to the pinnacle of production-based sports car competition with their technology, products and personnel. When they were looking for LED Lighting for their mobile garage and office facilities, it’s no wonder they chose Electro-Matic Products AR Series. EM LED Lighting features the best performance, design and weight for the temporary tent that travels with the Corvette Race team.“The lights worked great thank you. Everyone was very impressed with them, and we liked the crisp white color of your light versus the others that we tried. You should be hearing from some of the other teams that expressed interest in them.”

~Richard Eldred, Jr., Logistics/Transportation, Pratt & Miller

Electro-Matic Products full line of LED Lighting offers brilliant, energysaving lighting solutions for businesses, teams, communities and industry. With the modular design and construction of our LED Lighting, we can provide scalable lighting solutions that can be shipped in two weeks or less. The modular design of our fixtures allows for limitless configurations that ensure maximum efficiency for any lighting application. Contact us today to learn more about our product offerings. www.empledlighting.com

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