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Electro-Matic Visual Products Release the Latest VisionsPlay Software

Posted by Electro-Matic on Dec 15, 2011 10:44:00 AM

Electro-Matic Visual Products Group has released new and improved software for their Hyperion, 4U2SEE and Factory Vision displays. The “Visions” software now includes an RSS ticker engine as well as an updated Creator Plus II feature for improved graphics and text designs.

Hyperion, 4U2SEE and Factory Vision Sign owners can now stream RSS feeds directly from the web instead of paying a monthly subscription fee for the feature. The “Visions” software comes with links to a multitude of standard feeds including the New York Times, CNN, and NASDAQ. Now customers can easily show sports info, financial info or breaking news on Electro-Matic displays. These RSS feeds can be displayed in three different content lengths: title caption, entire content, or both. An important benefit of RSS feeds with Electro-Matic displays is that they can be combined and scheduled with normal display messages; so sign owners can get the best of both worlds. The RSS ticker feeds feature can be widely applied in virtually any application; commercial stores, banks, and schools, to draw the target audience’s attention to Hyperion, 4U2SEE and Factory Vision display.

The “Visions” software also now includes CreatorPlus II, as a new programming tool in this already feature packed software suite utilized to program Hyperion Outdoor signs . CreatorPlus II is a drag and drop editing package for text, images, and videos. It gives Hyperion customers more options in resizing, moving, and importing display messages , movies and Pictures. This new WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET software package makes it a simple and quick process to edit and combine movies, pictures and text into a seamless awesome viewing package for Hyperion Outdoor Displays. Other highlights of CreatorPlus II include special message insertion (such as date, time, temperature and text ) on top of display pictures and movies with less programming time. Hyperion sign owners can easily save up to 50% of their time with CreatorPlus II.

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