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Great Lakes Composites Saves $50,000 per year with new LED Lighting

Posted by Molly Austin on May 27, 2020 3:35:27 PM


Great Lakes Composites is a 90,000 square foot facility specializing in Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) products. Much of their customer base is in the marine and recreation industry. They offer the convenience, engagement, and focus of a small production facility, with the resources, reliability, knowledge, and diverse capabilities of a large corporation. They are a “one-stop shop” when it comes to FRP and thermoformed products—assisting on product design (when needed), in-house pattern building, prototyping, in-house tool and fixture building, a multitude of molding capabilities, fixtured trim and finish capabilities with multiple SKU’s, and a full assembly group dedicated to value-add component installation and assembly.

Before Electro-Matic got involved, the Great Lakes Composites facility consisted mostly of a few hundred 400 watt metal halide fixtures. Though bright, these fixtures consumed a lot of energy which was costing them thousands of dollars each year in wasted utility costs. 


After Electro-Matic audited the Great Lakes facility, they knew they could provide a solution offering an LED lighting replacement with good value, excellent energy-efficiency, strong warranty, and easy installation. The Electro-Matic team recommended a 110w linear high bay that averages over 160 lumens per watt—putting out an impressive 17,600 lumens. The fixture also came with a 10 year warranty and a labor warranty allowance to cover any replacement costs. Due to the excellent light output coverage, Great Lakes Composites was able to remove fixtures in select areas to maximize their rebate with Consumers Energy.

The new fixtures improved lighting levels at Great Lakes Composites by over 30% while saving the company 450,000KWH, resulting in $50,000/year of cost savings. Additionally, Great Lakes earned a rebate from Consumers Energy of around $40,000.  

List products and services EM used:
Electro-Matic 110w Linear High Bay

Any external companies that helped on the project or solution and their services provided: Consumers Energy

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