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How LED Retail Lighting Can Enhance Customer Experience

Posted by Electro-Matic on Jul 22, 2014 6:00:00 AM

There are so many elements that can make a difference in the success of a brick and mortar business, even down to the simplest of choices like lighting. Although easily overlooked, lighting can play a major role in creating an atmosphere that not only brings customers in but retains them. In more recent times, big brand like Starbucks are making the jump into LED lighting because of the positive effects it can have on both customers and overall profit. Here are a few ways that LED retail lighting can help you enhance customer experience.

Highlight Products

Traditional lighting fixtures tend to either give off a dull, low level illumination or a harsh florescent beam, which drain focus and energy. In this case, LED lighting becomes a tool instead of a hindrance by giving off high-level illumination that directs the attention back to where it should be – on your products. Strategically situating LED directly on your products will help to steer people towards them while they're in store.

Control the Atmosphere

LED lights not only help to direct customer attention to the areas you want them to see, but they also improve the overall atmosphere in and out of your store. LED lighting can be strategically placed to help you better define and set the mood. Where traditional lighting produces tinted, unnatural lighting, retail LEDs give off an inviting brightness that grabs peoples attention, draws them in and leaves them with a pleasant experience that will bring them back again. 

Security & Safety

Consciously or subconsciously, one of the factors that plays a role into whether someone will go into a store or not is if they feel that it is safe. A store that is not well lit suffers the potential loss of many customers, even if they have great products to offer. Studies have found that LED lighting actually makes people feel more safe and secure because people are able to monitor their environment better. Updating to outdoor and indoor LED retail lights will help to establish your business as the place to go for regular shopping trips.

A simple change of lighting can make a big difference in the experiences that your customers have at your retail store. LED retail lighting gives you the ability to control your environment better to offer an inviting and safe place for them to go.


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