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How LED Signs Can Help Build Your Brand and Community Awareness

Posted by Electro-Matic on Mar 9, 2021 2:38:32 PM

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Branding your business is so much more than a snazzy logo and a catchy slogan. Your brand is practically the image of your business and how customers view you. Brands are similar to personalities. They can be bold, likable, serious, boring, clever, etc. Ultimately, brands can repel people or attract them.

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The ultimate goal is for patrons to fall in love with your brand. That way, your business will grow. Along with purchasing your service or product, they are purchasing you as well. LED signage is the perfect means in making that happen. LED technology is the best solution for companies to grow their brand image because they’re bright, cost effective, and fun to look at compared to a bland track letter sign.

Customers will remember you

In fact, businesses who own LED signs increase shopper awareness. In a recent study, 30% of exiting shopper read signs. Only 41% actually read manual signs but only 10% remember the message. LED signage, however, have boosted these numbers significantly. With LEDs, customers will notice and remember your business.

Digital business signs are significantly brighter than any other form of illuminated sign you can buy. That means more people can see them from further away.

Outdoor signs are different from indoor LED signs because they serve a bigger purpose. They send a bigger message to passerby. Not only does outdoor LED signs accumulate foot traffic, but also creates community awareness as well. LED displays have helped establishments interact with its community through mass communication.

Custom Messaging

LED signs are drastically transforming the way companies show their brand is through customizable messaging. You can explore different messaging that will help build/grow your brand without the need to buy new advertising materials every month or every year. Here are the types of content you can post on your LED display:

  • Popular Product or Service Advertising
  • Sales and Special Deals
  • Advertise time-of-day specials
  • New Products, Services, or Incentives

Schedule Content to Tailor Your Messages to Different Groups

The impact of digital signage content can vary depending on the time of day. For example, the content you share with morning patrons won’t appeal to patrons in the evening. You can also change the content on certain days of the week, on holidays, or when specific events come up.

Regular customers will get bored if you play the same content over and over again on your digital signs. Mixing the content up can prevent people from tuning out of your messages.

Create Greater Publicity and Build Customer Loyalty

Digital signage may be useful for promotion of new products in the market. Helps build direct engagement with customers. With the right visual representation, digital signage can boost store branding through videos and high quality imaging.

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Using LED signs to convey concise information to potential customers means your call is always on around the year and reliable. Even the most loyal customers need reminders along the street to remind them of your great product or service.

Tips for Outdoor Signage When Building Your Brand

Outdoor signs are meant to get foot traffic in your store. Here are a few keys to branding with outdoor LED signs:

  • The content and message need to be bold and visible. Don’t get too fancy- potential customers might have no idea what your sign says. Use contrasting colors so your font stands out as much as possible, and use a font that lends itself well to the medium—some fonts are incredibly difficult to decipher while driving.
  • Your brand needs to be consistent, or customers will never really “know” you. Consistency breeds familiarity, and as long as your message is consistently helpful and knowledgeable, your brand is guaranteed to benefit from that.
  • Target your specific customer base. Not everyone is your potential client and you only need to gear your marketing towards a very specific group of people that need your product or service
  • As a small business, you want customers buzzing and curious about your offers. You want to be noticed, seen, even questioned, but competition around may be dimming your publicity efforts. Or you are a new business and struggling to grab some attention, highlight your wares in full view of the public, generate leads and ultimately create a customer (hopefully a repeat one) out of a passerby.
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