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How to Price Outdoor Signs

Posted by Electro-Matic on Jul 26, 2016 2:00:00 PM

how to price outdoor signs

One of the first questions a new sign company owner asks is "How do I price my signs?" The more complex the design, the more expensive the final cost of the sign will be. Listed below are the main factors of pricing Outdoor LED Signs.

Know Your Sign Company’s Expenses

One of the most important things to know about your company is what it costs you to do business. Look into deep detail of your overhead, outdoor sign materials, and variable expenses. The more you know about what it costs for your outdoor sign business to operate, the easier it will be to price your signs in a way that gives you a profit and offers your customers good value.

Benefits of Pricing Outdoor Signs Correctly and Accurately

Once you are familiar with how much it costs for you to run your business, the dividends from your outdoor sign deals will start to fall into place. You’ll start to notice your outdoor sign business winning more bids and having larger profit margins.

Cutting Sign Pricing Costs

Now that you know your outdoor sign business thoroughly, you’ll naturally be more aware of your costs. Look for ways to cut costs and be more efficient with your staff’s time. How does all of this affect sign pricing? The more you know about your business operations, you can make the best choices when it comes to finding less expensive operations. By lowering the costs of your operations, you can be more competitive and accurate with pricing your sign services and leveraging yourself for bids.

Size, Design, and other Price Variables of Outdoor Signs

As mentioned before, the size and the design of the sign are major factors of the cost for materials and services. Since every job is a little different you are going to have to pay attention to the details of the project. Ask yourself “what are the risks?” Calculate project hours and use past jobs to estimate accordingly—what equipment is needed? How many hours will it take? What different types of workers are needed? The more thoroughly you dissect the process of the job, the more accurate and confident you will be with the final price.

Software to Price Outdoor Signs Effectively

Software companies have designed programs to help estimate accurate sign pricing. Seriously consider investing in a price-estimating software. Software can save many hours each week when it comes to quoting sign prices. Bottom line—these software packages are designed to give you the optimal price on the sign. Below are some examples of price-estimating software and guides to setting the right prices—take a look and see if you can find one that suits your business’ needs and budget.

Be sure to reach out to your local sign association—they will be helpful as you search for price-estimating software and will be able to offer more advice on how to price outdoor signs.

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