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How to Set Your Business Apart with an LED Ticker Sign

Posted by Electro-Matic on Jul 17, 2014 2:46:00 PM

LED ticker signs give you a unique edge above the competition. These small but versitle signs can be entertaining, enlightening and even fun for your visitors. Here are unique ways that an LED ticker sign can set your bar or restaurant apart from the competition:

Draw Them in Tournament Time

We’ve all been there. It’s tournament time. There are eight important games going on at the same time, and we need to know the scores. That’s where an led ticker sign shines. It’s the perfect way to keep your customers in the loop of the latest sports scores and stats. If people know that when they come to your bar or restaurant they can stay up to date on their favorite teams, you’re going to create returning, loyal customers and draw in new ones.

Entertain Waiting Customers

Being a busy bar and restaurant is definitely not a bad thing, but the wait that’s created from a maxed building might deter people from wanting to wait. The key is to keep them engaged. Keeping your LED ticker sign up to date with the latest news, sport scores and events will help reduce the inconvenience of the wait and give people something to look forward to.

Announce Specials & Promotions

What better way to make a few more bucks on your current deals and specials then with your captive, in-house audience? The ticker display is an easy, great way to showcase your current promotions without having to take any additional steps like printing new menus or handwriting it out. The scrolling feature enables you to reach each person at various times throughout the day. It also gives you the ability to change or add information on the spot when you run out of supplies or when specials change.

Offer Trivia & Games

When you create a weekly event that people can get excited about and look forward to regularly like trivia, you create reoccurring customers. You can use the LED ticker sign to display questions, answers and scores. Often times places that offer trivia like this create a strong following of people that incorporate it into their weekly entertainment. As a result, those people end up spending money each time they come in and generate a reoccurring source of revenue.

Add in Social Media

Everyone from grandparents to children is on social media now, and it’s been integrated into everyday life and activities. An LED ticker gives you the ability to join and even start the conversation – hopefully about your business! You could showcase what people are tweeting and posting about your business on the sign, which will encourage other people to do the same and ultimately become your personal marketing and sales team.

What are some other ways you've seen LED ticker signs used? Tell us about it!

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