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How LED Displays Improve Communication During COVID-19

Posted by Electro-Matic on Mar 23, 2020 6:08:32 PM

As the outbreak of COVID-19 spreads, many feel helpless and unsure of what their establishment can do to positively contribute. Fortunately, one of the fastest and easiest methods of relaying information to your community is with an LED display.

Throughout this difficult time, it is important to keep in mind that consistent communication during COVID-19 will be the key to increasing public awareness and safety.

Communicating Updates & Changes in Operational Information 

People have gone their whole lives without experiencing something like the global pandemic we’re facing today. It’s a chaotic time and everyone has questions. A few examples of information people want to know include:

  • Changes in your delivery services
  • Updated hours of operation
  • The status of your inventory
  • If you are hiring

Having this information on a loop will save time for both you and your customer.

Spread Positive Messages With Your LED Display

The unfamiliarity and uncertainty in a time can be extremely unsettling for many people. Some may feel like they need to be in full survival mode to protect themselves and their family, while some may completely shut down and panic. While this situation is to be taken seriously, it is extremely important for people to stay calm, positive, and well-informed. A good way to spread that kind of good energy is through encouraging and reassuring content through your LED display.

Promoting Public Service Announcements During COVID-19

Constant and consistent reminders of the basics like not touching your face, washing your hands, and practicing social distancing, is the only way to get the safety precautions towards COVID-19 to stick in people’s minds.

For your convenience, Electro-Matic Visual has put together various COVID Digital Sign Content Packages that are available in downloadable ZIP files. These ZIP files contain both static (JPG) and animation (AVI) files for use on your full color Electro-Matic LED sign. Let your establishment be a light for safety and information during this crazy time. 

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