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Increase Safety with Outdoor LED Security Lights

Posted by Electro-Matic on Dec 5, 2023 9:00:00 AM

EF9T3381LED lighting is normally associated with electricity savings, which is always a huge bonus. However, LED technology also offers safety advantages over older, traditional lighting types. Not only are LED outdoor security lights safer for installment and maintenance, but their performance features also improve overall site safety.

Resident safety is a major priority at every property development if you own rental properties. If you want to improve safety and establish strong security in your area, then led outdoor security lights may be the proper upgrade for you. Property management should always be concerned with personal safety and the integrity of properties. Lighting is a key to a good security system, providing a safe environment on your property. As a property manager, your property (whether it is rental or commercial) takes on a different vibe at night. Whether it maintains its attractiveness or becomes the hot spot for a questionable (illegal) activity to go down ultimately depends on your lighting.

A well-lit property discourages criminal activity, puts visitors and residents at ease, and helps prevent accidents and injuries (and a possible lawsuit) caused by poor visibility. As a property manager, it is ultimately your responsibility to maintain a safe environment for yourself and others.

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Prevent Crime with LED Outdoor Security Lights

Criminals tend to avoid areas of visibility and exposure. Crimes most often take place in poorly lit areas. Good lighting can deter crime before it begins. According to a study conducted by the New York City Police Department and the New York Housing Authority on the correlation between the rate of crime at night and outdoor lighting, crime rates decrease drastically with new LED lighting. The study found that the housing developments that received new lights experienced significantly lower crime rates (lower in comparison to what would have been without the new lights).

The study ultimately concluded that an increased level of lighting led to an overall seven percent reduction in “index crimes”, a subset of serious offenses that includes murder, robbery, and aggravated assault as well as certain property crimes (such as vandalism, for instance). Specifically, at night, there was a 39 percent reduction in index crimes.

Outdoor LED Light Advantages for Optimal Security

  • LED lighting provides bright lighting which removes hiding places. LED lighting is directional and can be “aimed”, directing a higher concentration of primary light to a targeted area. Improved visibility and lighting help an individual better observe his or her surroundings and respond quickly to a potential threat.
  • The light from LED lighting is closer to natural white light. LED lighting is clear enough to provide facial recognition at a 30 feet distance.
  • LED lighting can be used alongside cameras and security systems.
  • LED lights do not have filaments or glass that can be easily broken.
  • LED lights can also be teamed up with motion sensors. Anytime motion is detected, instant light is guaranteed.

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Common Places to Install LED Outdoor Security Lights

Here are some common places to install outdoor lighting, as well as overlooked locations you might want to consider:

Main Entrance
The main entryway should be well-lit, both for security and to help visitors navigate the area after sundown. Try LED down lighting and floodlighting to illuminate the entrance and any signage.

Gates should be illuminated to discourage illegal entry. Spot or accent lights can work, or install tall downlights near each entry point.

Windows are also a common entry point for burglars. Illuminate windows with accent lighting, or for a sophisticated look, illuminate the entire façade.

Walkways on the property need to be well lit to avoid trips and falls.

Path lights can also be used to define driveways and keep vehicles from leaving the pavement in the dark.

Stairs and steps are especially hazardous at night when visibility is low. A common cause of nighttime falls on stairways is poor lighting that doesn’t allow people to distinguish between the tread and the riser. Use special stair lights to highlight these areas. The lip and tread of each stair should be lit so that people can know where exactly to step.DJI_0146_Case_Study

Parking Lots
A commonplace for assaults to happen is in a darkened parking lot, where people are extremely vulnerable. There are many benefits of LED parking lot lights, one of the most important being increased safety.

LEDs versus HPS

In addition to the security advantages listed above, LED has other advantages compared to traditional lighting that makes them highly desirable. For instance, energy-efficient LED lights to save 80% less energy compared to incandescent lighting. The LED light uses 40 to 600 watts of electricity, and switching to LED lighting reduces energy consumption by 40%-60%.

While pedestrian and residential safety should always be a primary concern when designing commercial and rental lighting, your outdoor lighting can offer even more value to your property. A series of tall LED floodlights can create a bright, day-like atmosphere for the protection of after-hours patrons and employees at a lower cost and with better lighting quality than other lighting types such as Metal Halide and HID lights.

LEDs can have a much wider range of Kelvin temperature compared to HPS (high-pressure sodium) lamp sources. The wider range has enhanced visual acuteness along with the ability to have more consistency, creating an evenly illuminated space. Directional optics allows businesses and establishments to provide a more secure environment without throwing unwanted light into neighboring properties.

LED lighting can be controlled remotely from a central command center or mobile devices. Dimming can save energy and regulate individual groups of lights based on specific demands such as commercial needs and the time of day or season to maximize and minimize light usage. LEDs also have a better color rendering than traditional lamp sources. Many area lights currently have HPS lamps, which have poor rendering and can make individuals feel uncomfortable because they cannot clearly see distinct features of objects. LEDs allow people to see details better because of the quality of the light.

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