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Key points to consider when specifying a manufacturer of LED based Electronic Message Centers

Posted by Electro-Matic on Jun 9, 2021 5:06:00 PM

An Outdoor LED digital sign is usually a significant investment for an operating business and selecting the proper manufacturer is important for the end-user of this sign to get the proper return on their investment (ROI). These signs range in price from around $10,000 dollars for a monochrome (single-color) LED monument sign to in excess of $100,000 for a large full color LED pylon sign. Choosing the proper LED electronic message center manufacturer can lead to an aesthetically pleasing sign that will operate flawlessly for the next 10 – 15 years and deliver impressive returns on investment. 


Advertising effectiveness of:
LED signs vs other media 

On-Premise Sign

Word of Mouth


 Yellow Pages



These LED signs have proven to increase business traffic and sales, as their advertising effectiveness ranks very high compared with other forms of media, such as radio, television, and newspaper. A few years back, a sign manufacturer conducted a study to their customers as to whether their signs were bringing in customers. You can see the results in the table to the right. (Source: ISA signs.org)

As the LED sign is typically mounted on the premise of the business, the most important customers, those that drive by or live in the proximity of the business are the ones that are reached the most with the marketing or advertising message displayed on the LED sign. These LED signs can create vibrant, full-color video or static messages to attract the attention of the potential business prospect with timely market-driven messages. It is important that these outdoor LED signs both look great and function reliably over many years. 


The following points should be considered when researching a manufacturer of outdoor LED digital signage:

Is the LED display manufacturing company stable and how long has it been in business? 

LED signage technology has been in existence for over ten years. An experienced LED manufacturer with at least five years in building LED signs is a must to ensure that your sign will be built properly and supported over the life of the LED electronic message centers. The warranty you receive with the LED sign is only as good as the company standing behind it. 


EM_Visual_LED_Displays_Installation_Map.pngWhat is the installation base of LED signs from the manufacturer you are considering? 

Can the company show provide you a map of their installations? See an example of an LED Sign installation map here. The breadth of installs will show you that the manufacturer has good experience with satisfied customers. An LED sign installation map will also allow you to see locally installed LED displays, allowing you to drive by, view the display, and see how it looks and performs. 

How is their technical support and training for the LED Display? 

Can you call the manufacturer and talk to a technician that is trained and knowledgeable? Free technical 24/7 support is a must when selecting a sign manufacturer. The sign manufacturer should also be willing to train you on how to program the sign and load your messages.

Are graphics and videos for you to use on your LED Sign available at no charge? 

Make sure the LED display manufacturer has a comprehensive media library that you can access to make your sign look fantastic as you create your advertising messages. 

Where is the LED manufacturer located and where is the sign built?

If the manufacturer is in your region it is not unreasonable to ask for a plant tour to see what their operation consists of. You are likely to get better support if their technicians can travel on-site to your location if needed. There are many LED sign manufacturers that claim USA built or have a USA location when in fact they are importing signs from Asian manufacturers. Many of these manufacturers are here today and gone tomorrow, leaving the owner of the LED sign with no ability to get support or service parts.

Will the LED manufacturer demo the sign to you directly at your location? 

This gives you the opportunity to meet the salesperson to get a feel as to the professionalism and competency of the representative that you were dealing with. Also, this gives you the chance to view the quality of how the sign looks as it displays messages and notice how the physical construction looks:

  • Is the cabinet robust?
  • Is the wiring clean?
  • How easy is it to service or replace an LED module?
  • How is the viewing angle from the side?
  • Are the messages sharp and vibrant?
  • Is it ventilated properly?

ISO_Image.jpegIs the LED sign manufacturer ISO 9001 certified?

ISO certification documents assembly and quality standards with annual outside third-party audits. This standard is a worldwide minimum standard that your manufacturer should comply with. 


In summary, the LED sign to a business is an important part of the owner's marketing strategy and often the first thing that the customer may see when viewing a business. It is important that the LED sign looks great and operates reliably over many years of useful operating life. Proper due diligence about the manufacturer of the LED electronic message centers will lead to gaining the proper return on investment for the end-user and owner of the electronic message center.


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