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LED Display Troubleshooting Guide

Posted by Derek Klanke on May 12, 2016 6:00:00 AM
If you're thinking about purchasing an LED display, you likely have some questions about what problems you'll have to deal with in case something goes wrong with your LED display. Or maybe you have an LED display, and you're trying to troubleshoot an issue. Either way, read on to understand the issues, severity of the issue, and solutions to LED display faults in this LED display troubleshooting guide

Module failure of LED displays

With LED displays, module failure occurs when you notice a black square on your sign—this indicates a module is out. When it comes to troubleshooting, it usually takes less than an hour to swap out parts for the repair. The cause of this issue is usually a loose connection or a short in the input/output connections.

LED dipslay power supply failure

You also might recognize an entire portion of your LED display that goes out. This usually indicates a power supply problem. Like module replacement, troubleshooting this LED display issues usuallly requires an hour to replace a power supply.

Communications failure

LED dislays use wireless communication technology. Therefore, an unobstructed path is required for the EMC to communicate with the receiver. If the distance between the transmitter and receiver is too far, or if there are obstructions, then your software may not be able to communicate with the sign and will make it difficult to send messages.

LED failure

LEDs normally never burn out; they just get dimmer over time. If an individual LED should go noticeably out before their time, the repair would be similar to a module failure where the entire module of LED's is replaced.

LED display controller failure

If you notice the entire sign going blank and it’s not a communication issue, then you may need a new controller. In certain cases, before a controller is replaced, the manufacturer will do some additional troubleshooting of your LED display to diagnose any problems.

These are 5 of the top issues we see needing LED display troubleshooting. If you think you're experiencing something that's not on the list, contact your LED display manufacturer for diagnostics.


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