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LED Wall Packs Increase Visibility and Security While Reducing Energy Consumption at Fabiano Brothers

Posted by Electro-Matic on Oct 24, 2022 4:08:00 PM
Fabiano Brothers is constantly moving beverages in and out of their facility. Proper lighting not only on the inside was needed, but the importance of having their loading docks equipped with quality LED lighting wall packs was necessary to have their hundreds of trucks load and unload safely throughout each day.
Backing in a 18-wheeler to a tight area with precision can be daunting for semi-truck drivers. Doing it with poor lighting turns that task into a nightmare. Understanding of their semi-truck drives challenges, Fabiano Brothers decided that implementing LED wall packs to help guide the drivers into the loading docks. The optic throw that the LEDs use pitches the light forward off the wall and on to the desired area to help make the path to the loading dock visible for the drivers.
Wall packs were not just used for the loading dock, they also fit the needs for other applications around the high bay doors that the semi-trucks would enter and exit for picking up shipments. The wall packs acts as a guide light for the drivers, giving them visibility when entering or existing the doors.
After business hours, wall packs are and good lighting in general, are necessary for providing good security. Security cameras that are placed outside of the building would be irrelevant without good lighting. By strategically pitching the light, the wall packs create enough light for security cameras to record at high qualities.
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