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Metro Detroit’s Eastside Gets Brighter, Thanks to Electro-Matic’s Hyperion Plus LED Sign!

Posted by Electro-Matic on Jul 3, 2012 11:05:00 AM
Dooleys, of Roseville Michigan, is not only the place to go for great food & exceptional service, they are now even more visible to all commuters as they travel up and down Gratiot Avenue. With Dooleys new, eye-catching, energy-efficient Hyperion Plus Digital sign, they have not only added to their visual appeal, but now are able to instantaneously grab their customer’s attention by advertising specials and events with a touch of a button! We even have proof of the impact from the day of installation:
“When programming the sign for Dooleys, we posted an advertisement for their DJ from 9pm-2pm. Numerous customers immediately noticed the error questioning the hours of the DJ, which was supposed to read: 9pm to 2am. This just proves how many people were noticing the new sign.”-Timothy Muller, President/Owner Curb Appeal Conceptsw, Inc.
Here at Electro-Matic Products, Inc, we are always excited to install within our own community, and after speaking with Dooleys owner, Frank Sgroi, we are pleased to hear he feels the same way:
“You guys are local, been in business forty-something years, and you have a 24-hour full tech support staff and that’s important! All of the other guys are here today, gone tomorrow.”-Frank Sgroi, Owner of Dooleys
Outdoor displays can only make your business more visible, add style and customer satisfaction as well as increase your sales with little to no training; all without breaking your budget. If you are interested in seeing what Electro-Matic Products, Inc. can do for your company with our Electronic Message Centers, please contact us for more product information.
Dooleys_before.jpg Dooleys_after2.jpg
Before Hyperion Plus After Hyperion Plus


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