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Mistakes to Avoid With Business LED Signs

Posted by Electro-Matic on Sep 16, 2014 3:01:00 PM

The benefits an eye-catching LED sign can have on your business are unmatched. Business LED signs generate awareness at the most important times of the day and with the most important people, potential customers passing by. However, strategy is necessary to capitalize on these benefits. Here we'll walk you through mistakes to avoid to be make sure you're getting your return on investment.

Failing to have a dedicated operator

Outdoor LED School DisplayOne of the main ways businesses slip up with their LED signs is by failing to have someone dedicated to operating and updating it. With the latest user-friendly LED sign software, it makes it easy to update a sign in a matter of minutes. However, companies miss out on the benefits of having such a highly visible sign because they aren’t taking the time to update the messaging when and where necessary. To avoid this, designate at least one person on your team to man the sign in order to make sure you’re getting your investment-worth out of it.

Not placing it in a highly-visible spot

Another reason why LED signs, specifically outdoor LED signs, may not reap a strong, initial return is due to placement. The whole premise around LED signage is to communicate a message to your audience, and if you’re not even able to reach your audience, you won’t see the return you’re expecting. When you’re installing your indoor or outdoor LED signs, make sure to place them in the most high-traffic and highly visible spots in order to reach the largest audience possible at any given time.

Displaying messages at the wrong time

Outdoor LED SignTime is everything when it comes to LED signs. Recent technology has given us the ability to dynamically display messages through techniques such as scrolling, flashing and so much more, but if you’re not coordinating those efforts with the arrival or passing of your intended audience, you’re missing out. When programming an outdoor LED sign or an indoor display, it’s important to analyze when the most amount of your potential customers will be going by at any given time and try to coordinate your messages to reach them. For restaurants and retail stores, lunch time and after 5pm may be the best time to reach people, or if you’re a school or church, mornings and afternoons may be the best.

Not communicating a clear message

With loads of features to make messages engaging and even entertaining, LED signs opens the door for a new and fun way to promote your business. However, there is always a tendency to overdo the effects and colors, making it difficult to actually understand and read messages quickly and easily. When creating your messages, use the effects and colors to your advantage to display messages in a way that would catch the eye of people passing by, but take time to test those messages either through the software or view them first on your sign to help you to maintain a balance between readability and amusement.

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