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OCC Replaces 12-Year Old Monochrome with new 11mm Display

Posted by Molly Austin on Sep 13, 2021 3:41:59 PM

B34V9411Electro-Matic has a longstanding relationship with OCC—working on their led signage packages dating back the last 15 years.

For this particular project, Electro-Matic has been working diligently with IDS as the designers, Barton Malow, who's the general contractor, ASI the sign company, as well as the facilities and marketing people at OCC to create a new spec that would bring OCC's digital signage into the modern age of signage. With this collaboration, we were able to successfully replace our monochrome sign that EM had originally provided for them 12 years ago, and replace it with a new high resolution 11 mm display. 

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Everyone from the community to the students and staff and marketing personnel loved the beautiful new digital signs, and they've had an awesome time promoting campus events, registrations, other campus information, etc. with it as well. Electro-Matic Visual looks forward to continuing to upgrade all the campuses throughout 2022.

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