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The Benefits of LED Parking Lot Lights

Posted by Electro-Matic on Nov 29, 2023 9:03:00 AM

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A visitor’s experience with an establishment always starts in the parking lot. Parking lot lights usually go unnoticed, unless, however, the quality is poor. Believe it or not, there is a direct correlation between how well lit a parking lot structure is and the standing of one’s business or establishment. If a parking lot is well lit, then drivers and pedestrians can easily navigate and feel safe. When a parking lot is lit poorly, however, the opposite occurs, and your crime rates and accidents will increase.

It is important to have good quality light within parking because, whether it is a business or a public institution, it speaks volumes about the establishment. It also sends the message that the establishment is open and people are welcome. Upgrading and installing LED lights within a parking lot has many benefits compared to traditional lighting.

LED Parking Lot Lights Improve Safety and Security

Prioritizing a customer’s safety should always be the main goal. Since parking lots are naturally illuminated in the daytime, businesses need to compensate when the sun goes down. Properly lit parking lot structures increase visibility. With increased visibility, accidents between drivers and pedestrians can be prevented, reducing liability risk for owners.

Bright lighting within parking lots can also decrease the crime rates. People tend to avoid parking lots in general because poorly-lit parking lot structures have been a focal point for criminal occurrences. Poor lighting also prevents surveillance cameras from recording footage properly. LED lighting can ward off criminal activity on the property and allow surveillance cameras to record clearly by even light distribution, eliminating dark spots and gaps.


Advanced Technology

Unlike HID lighting, which only focuses on one spot and usually results in uneven lighting, LED lighting is directional. This means that they can be “aimed” to direct a higher concentration of primary light to a targeted area. Directional optics allow businesses and establishments close to residential areas to also provide a more secure environment without throwing unwanted light into neighboring properties. They are also “dark-sky friendly”. With smart controls, lighting can be controlled remotely from a central command center or handheld mobile devices. Dimming the controls can also save energy and regulate individual groups of lights based on specific demands such as commercial needs and the time of day or season to maximize when and where light is most needed and decrease usage when demand is low. Outdoor lighting controls create their own wireless communication networks for control and monitoring. It can work on its own even if the network is disrupted, and also delivers real-time data like energy usage and failure alarms. 

Increase Revenue and Profitability with new Parking Lot Lights

In addition to improved safety, when customers and patrons can properly see your establishment, it will draw more attention to your business increasing your revenue and profit. LED lights are a great way to advertise a business. Brightly lit areas communicate that businesses are open as well as prevent customers and patrons from getting lost. When upgrading to LED parking lot lights, you will quickly notice the:


LED lights are also cost-efficient. The average HID (high-intensity discharge) light consume between 100 and 1000 watts. HID lights use ballasts, a device that also conducts electricity, which tend to consume a lot of energy.

In terms of lighting, parking lots are huge energy consumers, contributing to astronomical electric bills. With LED lighting, the electric bill can be slashed in half. For instance, the Shuman Motors lot in Walled Lake, Michigan sought out increasing light levels while attracting more customers. With Electro-Matic’s intervention, the existing poles and electrical circuits were used to install LED lights without creating additional work. The car lot ultimately saved $60,000.

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Electro-Matic Visual has an ROI calculator patrons can use to estimate how much LED lights and installations cost.

Energy Savings

While the HID light uses 100 to 1000 watts, the LED light uses 40 to 600 watts of electricity. When switching to LED lighting, there is a reduction of energy consumption by 40%-60%. HID lighting loses 75% of its efficiency between the source and targeting area, only providing 30 lumens per watt. However, a good 4000k LED delivers more than 115 lumens per watt to the target.

Low Maintenance

LED light fixtures have a longer life span due to their innovative design. Light output gradually decreases over time-meaning that the light fixtures would not have to be replaced for a long time. Because of its higher brightness levels and longer shelf life, patrons would need fewer light fixtures, also tying in to cost efficiency. In addition, since LED lights are designed to distribute light evenly, the few light fixtures can be spaced out more throughout the parking lot.

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