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The Comprehensive Energy Audit Software Comparison

Posted by Electro-Matic on Feb 11, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Why Use Energy Audit Software?

Energy audits are extremely labor intensive, requiring physical walk throughs, large amounts of manual data collection and analysis of energy consumption. In order to do this, usually at least one year of utility bills have to be gathered and analyzed. For seasonality and benchmarking, utility bills dating back multiple years becomes necessary. Collecting, organizing, analyzing, and reporting all this data manually is quite an ordeal, which is why energy auditing software offerings have been developed and are gaining popularity.

We’ve researched some of the top energy auditing software options for energy savings companies and energy savings project sales. Here, you'll find an outline of their features and benefits to aid you in your energy auditing software decision-making.

1. EcoInsight Professional

ecoInsight Professional is ecoInsight’s energy upgrade sales platform. This platform focuses on the measurement, management, and improvement of sales performance, allowing for the creation and delivery of customized, ROI driven customer proposals. One of the neat features of ecoInsight Professional is the integration of product catalogs for more efficient upgrades.

EcoInsight Features & Benefits

  • Good for teams of all sizes
  • Effectively communicate value of solution to customer
  • Audit, analyze, propose energy upgrades
  • iPad / iPhone
  • Cloud based
  • Photo and audio capture capabilities
  • Digitally collect building info while walking through building
  • Training available online

2. OptiMiser Commercial

OptiMiser Commercial is a professional audit software aiding in data collection, measure analysis, and reporting. Windows tablet or laptop compatible, this software gives you the ability to target a wide range of buildings including office, retail, education, food sales, health care, warehouse, and more. Instant modeling of energy conservation measures including operation and maintenance, low cost retrofit, investment grade retrofit, and demand response measure, to simplify the energy auditing process.

OptiMiser Commercial Features & Benefits

  • Advanced computational engine
  • Capture of interactive effects
  • ASHRAE level 2 and 3 audit
  • Flexible package creation and optimization
  • ASHRAE level 1 speed with added power and accuracy
  • Component and measure libraries

3. OpenStudio

OpenStudio operates across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms and is a collection of software tools that uses EnergyPlus and Radiance to support whole building modeling and advanced daylight analysis. One of the neat things about this software is that it is an open source (LGPL) project. It also comes with a software development kit. Another useful feature here is the ResultsViewer, which allows for the browsing, plotting, and comparing of simulation output data, including time series.

OpenStudio Features & Benefits

  • OpenStudio SketchUp Plug-in (3D modeling tool)
  • OpenStudio Application (fully featured graphical modeling interface)
  • ResultsViewer
  • Parametric Analysis Tool
  • Supports import of gbXML and IFC for geometry creation

4. Simuwatt ® Energy Auditor

The Simuwatt ® Energy Auditor is a cloud based tablet and desktop software providing high quality commercial building energy audits. The software is a joint development, between Simuwatt’s software team and the bright minds of commercial building analysis at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). They offer a flexible platform and scalable application allowing for the audit of buildings across sectors and for the preservation of data for reuse.

Simuwatt ® Energy Auditor Features & Benefits

  • Rapid, versatile data collection
  • ASHRAE / EnergyPlus based data fields
  • Extensive library of building components
  • Multi-auditor support and project sharing
  • Revision history and tracking
  • Photo and video notes capabilities
  • Offline tablet support

5. Retroficiency’s Building Efficiency Intelligence Program

Retroficiency’s Building Efficiency Intelligence Program is a software platform focused on delivering both accurate and actionable insights and recommendations aligned with target goals. The platform operates within a closed loop efficiency, targeting buildings, engaging customers, converting projects, and tracking opportunities. The result is a standardized and streamlined energy auditing process, from scoping to ASHRAE levels 1, 2, and 3 testing.

Retroficiency’s Building Efficiency Intelligence Program Features & Benefits

  • Drives deep building energy efficiency savings rapidly
  • Operates cost effectively and at scale
  • Analyzes internal consumption data or building asset data
  • Recommends operational and retrofit improvements
  • Standardizes and streamlines energy audit process


The development of these software and platforms is revolutionizing the energy auditing process, you just have to determine which option is right for you. Different software and platforms offer differing features, support, pricing, and package customization. Are there others you would add to the list or feedback on using one of the above? Let us know in the comments!

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