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The Effects of Lighting for Retail Spaces

Posted by Emily Serio on Jan 3, 2017 2:30:00 PM

Retailers must think of LED lighting as an investment for their spaces. Picking out proper lighting for a new retail venue or upgrading existing lighting is just as important as picking out the right wall color and other decor decisions. Commercial lighting is no longer just high output fluorescent lamps and bulky inefficient metal halide fixtures. Quality LED lighting will give an old storefront a bright and new look. It will catch a potential customer’s eye and make them want to come in and check out the store. Good lighting will provide the appearance of cleanliness to a potential customer. Take a look below on the effects of lighting for retail spaces.

Lighting Effects on Gas Stations

A64G0510 adjusted.jpgHave you ever been driving down the road late at night when suddenly you look down at the dash
 and realize you’re low on fuel? It happens to everyone at some point. When this happens we start looking for a gas station. There are several observations and decisions that we make consciously and subconsciously when selecting a gas station to refuel:

  1. Is the gas station well lit or dim and dark?
  2. Are there other cars in the parking lot?
  3. Does it look run down or safe?
  4. Is it clean?
  5. Is it inviting?

Think about which gas station you would most likely pull into when you need to refuel your car. Will you choose the dimly-lit station without any other cars (and you wonder if it’s even open . . .)? Or will you opt to stop at the station with bright LED lights shimmering through the night sky, with LED displays inviting you to fill up, use the restroom, grab a cup of coffee and maybe a snack, so you can continue on your journey? The majority would pick the latter. Making your retail venue more inviting is just one of the ways good lighting can drive more sales for your business.

Strategic Lighting in Shopping Centers and Grocery Stores

When shopping for clothing, customers need to be able to thoroughly inspect the items they wish to try on and purchase. Being able to see the difference in the navy blue sweater and the black sweater next to it is important not only to the shopper but to the retailer as well. In a clothing store, lighting with a high color rendering index (CRI) is important.

The CRI in lighting is what allows the light to pick up the shades of color and make them apparent to the human eye. This is important for clothing retailers, and even grocery stores are starting to follow the trend of implementing quality lighting with a high CRI as well. LED lighting allows the colors of the fresh fruits and vegetables to appear more vibrant. Even fresh meat coolers are utilizing high CRI lighting to accent the color of the meat. Shoppers associate the color of fruits, vegetables, and meats with the freshness and quality of the product. It’s a no-brainier, a shopper is more likely to make a purchase when the retailer appeals to these senses.

Lighting for Retailers for Specific Displays

Have you ever walked into a store and immediately been drawn to a particular display? Retailers want to be able to direct a shopper’s attention to displays containing the “hot items” and guide their focus throughout the store. This can all be accomplished efficiently and effectively with proper lighting. Placement choice of a retail display within the store is an important decision but the accent lighting for the display is what really makes it stand out to retail customers. Drawing a customer to the main display through the use of proper lighting in order to emphasize particular products is key to driving more retail sales.

Lighting Effects on Shopper Behaviors

Proper lighting will help a shopper feel comfortable and relaxed during their shopping experience. When customers are happy and relaxed in your store, they’re creating positive memories of being there, and that makes them more likely to be a repeat customer. Lighting has the ability to guide a consumer through the store and the ability draw attention to certain displays the retailer wants them to see. Lighting will also make products look better and appeal to the senses of a shopper. When a store has effective lighting for retail spaces, it’s inviting, comfortable, and able to showcase products in ways that excite a shopper. All of these factors will drive more sales and make for better business.

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