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The Rebirth of REES Theater

Posted by Molly Austin on Feb 6, 2024 2:52:59 PM


Since 1940, the Rees Theatre in Plymouth, Indiana has been a cherished source of family entertainment, creating lasting memories for generations. Regrettably, in 2009, the theater ceased operations, leaving a significant gap in the heart of our community. 

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When retired funeral home proprietor, Randy Danielson, and his spouse, Eleanor, asked eighth-grade humanities students to brainstorm ideas to retain young people in Marshall County, two out of five groups suggested the restoration of The Rees. In 2016, Danielson and his wife, financed the acquisition of the building. Subsequently, Danielson, along with another dedicated civic volunteer, Donna Pontius, co-chaired the committee tasked with overseeing the revival of The Rees. From there, a massive, six-year renovation gutted the theater and rebuilt it with designs and nuances that pay homage to its original self.

Rebuilding a Local Historic Landmark

Starting in 2017, the project was to be done in four phases. Electro-Matic Visual was lucky enough to assist with Phase 4, which focused on the redesign and renovation of the theater's interior spaces for multi-purpose use. The homey, but versatile venue can now show old films on a roughly 18x20 ft LED video wall provided by Electro-Matic Visual. With a level floor, portable seats and a stage, it can host parties, banquets, live performances and a range of other events. The LED screen can shift from the front of the stage, for movies, and go toward the wall as a backdrop for plays and presentations. 


After a presence of 82 years in downtown Plymouth, The REES reopened on October 1, 2022 and the response has been incredible. Rees Theater's Mission is "to provide a conduit for the support and promotion of artistic, educational, and cultural events in the region as well as offer a venue to celebrate life and community milestones", and EM Visual is thrilled to have been able to contribute its products and services to REES, and to be a part of honoring the history and art in Plymouth, Indiana.

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