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What to Look For in an LED Message Board

Posted by Electro-Matic on May 27, 2021 7:25:22 AM

When a company or an organization is considering to upgrade their current, or non existent signage, it can quickly become overwhelming to take in all of the things to consider. A lot goes into finding the perfect signage for your application, so it is important to get help from a trusted professional with insight on everything from pricing, sizing, programming, maintenance, capabilities, and color options.

How Much Is Your New LED Display Going to Cost?

One of the most common questions a future LED message board owner is interested in knowing is how much this new purchase is going to cost them. It is important to remember that a new LED sign is an investment, and when done correctly, will provide you with a significant increase in business and solid ROI

The biggest factor of the final cost of your LED display is the size. The bigger the sign, the more individual LEDs are being used. That being said, understanding LED density can be extremely beneficial to the consumer in making sure they are getting a good bang for their buck. “LED density is a good indicator for comparing LED display performance. More LEDs per pixel generally mean higher brightness and better performance. A low brightness, unreadable LED display will not help you increase your sales because it's less likely your customers will notice and read what you have to say,” explains iCatch Displays. 

LED Message Board Capability, Size, and Color Options

Determining the size for your LED display requires a careful review of the location for the sign as well as the specific application. A site survey that inspects the physical location is necessary to determine the best placement, pixel, pitch, and matrix of your LED sign.

Outdoor LED Signs

For an outdoor LED sign, factors such as speed limits of traffic, lanes of traffic, stop signs/lights, viewing distance, height, and elevation will have an impact on how noticeable the sign will be once you get it in place. These decisions will be predicated on the amount of visibility and exposure time your custom sign will have from the viewer. Your application will help determine which model fits best for you, and the capabilities it will offer. LED signs allow you to display eye-capturing and attention-grabbing images, animations, and movie clips that people will remember as they pass by your business.

Full Color vs. Monochrome LED Displays

If it is unnecessary for your product or service to be sold with multi-color graphics, single-color outdoor programmable LED signs can also be a huge benefit to your business. These primarily text-based electronic message centers feature amber or red color options and a standard 16mm pixel pitch ensures clarity of your message while still offering the capability of displaying grayscale images and video. A properly sized monochrome LED sign is just as, if not more, effective as a color LED sign if pictures and video are not helpful. You will also save a bundle in acquiring the sign.

Indoor LED Displays

Indoor LED signs are great for reaching employees, customers, or visitors within your building, facility or workplace. Choose from two main types of interior LED signs: the classic “ticker”-style windows displays and the bleeding-edge, high-definition displays of today.