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Tiffin Metal Products Announces Digital Partnership with Electro-Matic Visual

Posted by Molly Austin on Jul 13, 2020 1:49:51 PM


Electro-Matic Visual is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Tiffin Metal Products as we join the digital billboard revolution.

We recognize the need to implement digital solutions to ensure we address the needs of the market and remain competitive in the industry. When the Digital Billboard trend began sweeping the Outdoor Advertising Industry, the investment for early adapters was extremely expensive. As technology improved, costs decreased, and advertiser demand began to rise. The partnership with Tiffin Metal Products and  Electro-Matic Visual has allowed the opportunity to blend digital boards into our traditional out-of-home advertising lineup and help bring our product offering into the 21st century.

Electro-Matic Visual’s Digital Billboards are the ultimate attention-grabbing display. These feature-rich, high definition billboards are completely customizable to fit any new application or replace an existing printed billboard. Features include:

  • Easy Installation – Assembled on site in multiple sections, resulting in installs that are less susceptible to windy conditions
  • Available in a variety of available pixel pitches to optimize image fidelity depending on viewing distance and traffic speeds
  • Includes a remote PC backup system to provide constant uptime
  • Includes a remote monitoring camera and the web-based software to manage it
  • Has a remote power monitor that features an auxiliary Electro-Matic controller and PC that is managed by a robust Siemens Power Monitor
  • Ability to remotely power cycle, monitor, switch video inputs, and receive email notifications upon any power failure
  • Power supplies integrated directly into the control panel to make change outs simpler and faster
  • 24/7 service and support team to assist you with a phone call or online chat

“We are excited to partner with Electro Matic Visual,” said Andrew Beebe, National Sales Manager for Tiffin Metal Products. Electro-Matic Visual is known for their strength in the electronics and high technology industries. This partnership will allow us to drive far more business impact for our clients.”

CEO of Electro-Matic, Rich Laramee, also added, “Given Tiffin Metal Product’s rich 90 plus year history in the billboard industry, we were very excited to partner with them in selling our digital billboard products.”

About Tiffin Metal Products Co.™

Tiffin Metal Products, established in 1903, has been serving the Outdoor Advertising industry since 1928. Located in Tiffin, Ohio, our 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility is staffed by trained professionals equipped with the latest in metal fabrication equipment. Our Outdoor Advertising Line includes Panel-Free™ and Lightweight 90™ Frames, Windguard™ Trim, Horizontal and Vertical Sections, Cone Door™, Junior Posters, Aprons, Wall Mount Bracket Systems as well as many support products. To learn more about Tiffin Metal Products please visit

About Electro-Matic Visual

Electro-Matic, founded in 1969, has been providing high technology, quality, electrical and electronics based products for over 50+ years. From early electronic sign boards to the amazing full color high-resolution displays of today, Electro-Matic Visual has been a leader in developing and refining LED Displays and lighting for over 30 years. Headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, EM Visual is proud to provide solutions for Commercial and Industrial LED Displays and complete turnkey LED Lighting solutions for any application. To learn more about Electro-Matic Visual please visit

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