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What is LED Retrofitting & Will it Work for me?

Posted by Electro-Matic on Aug 20, 2014 6:00:00 AM

Contrary to traditional lighting sources, such as florescent lights, LED lighting is designed to serve your business exactly how it is. LED retrofitting has bridged the gap between current lighting infrastructure and premier lighting sources by giving businesses a way to gain the benefits without having to reinvent their current lighting systems. Although it sounds like a great idea, many people aren’t sure if it would work for their business. Whether you’re looking for savings on your business expenses or a better way to welcome customers, here’s how LED retrofitting can help your business.

What is LED Retrofitting?

LED retrofitting has opened a door for so many businesses to harness the power of LED lighting. Designed to help you save big on your time, money and resources, LED retrofitting is the process of fitting new LED lights into your existing fixtures, furthering your investment and savings. Instead of having to fit your system to the lights, the LED lights are tailored to fit your current system.

Benefits of Retrofitting LED Lights for Your Business

Trim Energy Usage

Traditional business site lighting fixtures, including parking lot, canopy, wall packs, flood lights, etc., all operate in the 120 to 400 Watt range. LED lighting, on the other hand, operates in the 30 to 150 Watt range offering immense savings on your monthly utility bills. Instead of expending tons of energy on getting the lights to produce a glow, these top of the line lights produce a more luminous glow with a fraction of the energy.


Custom Performance

LED lighting is designed to fit your business, exactly how it is. Retrofitting gives you the ability to not only employ LED lights within your current infrastructure, but it also gives you the ability to customize how they perform. Unlike traditional lighting, retrofitted LED lights can be directed and focused on particular areas around your business, can be dimmed to specified levels throughout the day, and eliminate typical “hot spots” to give you a full, voluminous shine.


Lower Maintenance Costs

LED lights are lowering, if not eliminating a typical maintenance budget associated with business lightings. These robust bulbs last for an average of 50,000 + hours, compared to florescent lights at 10,000 hours. To put this in perspective, if you ran your retrofitted, outdoor lighting fixtures for 8 hours a day, you wouldn’t have to replace your bulbs for over 10 years at a time!


Environmentally Friendly Lights

There’s no doubt that traditional lighting has led the way for businesses to create a more welcoming and flexible environment for their staff and customers. However, when florescent bulbs were invented, environmentally friendliness was not at the top of the to-do list. Unlike its counterparts, LED lights are very environmentally friendly and do not contain mercury, which is a highly toxic and harmful chemical.


Retroffiting LED lights to your current light system offers countless benefits to your business and customers resulting in an even higher return on investment. If you're still not sure whether LED lighting will fit for your current infrastructure, get it touch, and we'll be happy to walk you through the process.

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