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Woodland Mall uses Electro-Matic's Outdoor LED Displays in Rebrand Project

Posted by Molly Austin on Jan 12, 2022 1:03:19 PM


Woodland Mall is a premier shopping and family destination in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Convenience is prioritized with services including children’s play area and free cell phone charging stations. They offer shopping for day-to-day needs like affordable and high-end clothing, home decor, jewelry, and children's clothing as well as a quick bite in the food court or full-service dining. Woodland Mall hosts many free events and programs for the community and families to enjoy year-round.

Rebranding with New Electro-Maic LED Display

Woodland Mall was undergoing a big rebranding project—adding stores like Von Maur and getting all new signage with Advanced Signs. Because of the warranty that Electro-Matic Visual offers, and the fact that we are a made-in-Michigan personalized service with the best overall value regarding pixel pitch and pricing overall, Advanced Signs brought us in on the project. 

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Their 20mm Watchfire display was replaced and upgraded by two 6x10 foot, double-sided, Electro-Matic 11mm Fusion Displays and put at both main entrances to the mall. With their new Electro-Matic Fusion products, Woodland Mall is able to control and send pre-made content from their marketing department to both sides of the display simultaneously from anywhere at any time. All of EM Visual's Outdoor LED displays to include a cellular modem with a lifetime Verizon wireless contract that provides a secure 4G LTE connection that guarantees access to your sign no matter where you are.

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The new signs have been a major upgrade from what they had previously. The higher resolution allows for not only more detailed content but better-looking content overall.  The content they can put on their looks a lot better. 


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