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Burnips Equipment Co. Utilizes LED Sign for New Location in Dorr, MI

Posted by Jesse Cameron on May 16, 2017 2:33:13 PM
Burnips Equipment Co. has five different locations throughout the state of Michigan. Their newest store home of Dorr, MI has an extensive line of products that customers can buy new, used or rent. Their new opening and deep line of product offerings and options, makes implementing an LED sign complementary to their business.
Praise Sign Company, Burnips Equipment Co. and Electro-Matic Visual collaborated to make this great LED display application happen. " It has been a great experience working with Alan the West Michigan rep for Electro-Matic visual. A great big thank you for all the help you've provided for this Burnips project. Without you this would not have been so successful. Your products, service, and followthrough are top notch." - Robert Prindle, Praise Sign Company

With their newly installed LED sign they are able to inform passing traffic about their newest products that they just got in and are running a limited time special. Passing by Burnips Equipment you may not be able to tell that they offer rental equipment. With their new LED display they can make it known they do offer rental equipment, so you don’t have to buy equipment for a one-time job.

Purchasing a new tractor is like buying a car. It can be expensive, but you have options and just like a car you can buy it new or used and have financing available. Burnips now has the flexibility to advertise their financing options on their LED display. This will help them give exposure to the numerous options available to customers when buying new products at Burnips.
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Fabiano Brothers Installs 250 LED High Bay Lights to Improve Facility

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Apr 10, 2017 3:08:27 PM
Fabiano Brothers of Bay City, MI is a premier beverage distributor providing licensed accounts beverages throughout Michigan as well as central Wisconsin. This 100,000 square foot is located in Bay City, Michigan that includes beer storage space, receiving area, larger recycling center, and offices. Fabiano Brothers wanted to implement an efficient light source throughout their whole facility to increase security, reduce operating cost, and improve working conditions. Electro-Matic Visual was up for the task.

Electro-Matic Visual supplied the 250 indoor LED high bay lighting throughout the Fabiano Brothers facility. The high quality LED lighting fixtures and bulbs ensure for a long life period of over 100,000 hours to reduce maintenance costs, increase safety and increase energy savings.

“The LED lighting is certainly an improvement in the quality of light. We were able to realize $34,000 in savings on our overall electric bill for the less than full year that we had the LED lights and this takes into account any rate increase from the utility supplier.” – Jerry Witte, CFO, Fabiano Brothers

Not only does Fabiano Brothers see energy savings and maintenance savings, the LED lighting provides a much more safe working environment for the workers and much more appealing. “My warehouse employees really like the LED style of lighting not only because it is clean and bright but because the light is where it needs to be… on their work.” – Jerry Witte, CFO, Fabiano Brothers

The partnership with Fabiano Brothers and Electro-Matic Visual made this outstanding high bay LED lighting upgrade happen. This impressive facility is now able to function at a higher efficiency while improving the productivity of their workers and making the environment they work in more safe.

More to come: look for more on Fabiano Brothers LED parking lot lighting, LED office lighting, and exterior LED lighting!
If you would like to learn more about LED Lighting and how it can save you money try our ROI calculator or visit our website: visual.electro-matic.com

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Front Street Insurance Agency Takes Advantage of Location With Installing An LED Message Center

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Apr 10, 2017 3:05:31 PM
Front Street Insurance of Traverse City, MI was looking for a creative way to take advantage of being well traveled street just blocks from downtown Traverse City, MI. Front Street Insurance and Andrew Kohlmann, owner of Image360 of Traverse City, they concluded that an LED message center from Electro-Matic Visual would be best for this application because of the slow moving, high volume, traffic passing by and Electro-Matic Visual’s dependable tech support and training team.

“Electro-Matic Visual’s tech support team dealt directly with our end user and was able to have a person on-site to make installation and training go very smoothly for all involved.”- Andrew Kohlmann, Owner, Image360 Traverse City

Front Street Insurance and Image360 evaluated many different options and specs before deciding to install the full color, high-resolution 10mm LED display. The reasoning to go with a high-resolution display was for a several different reasons. The first being is that it looks outstanding, even when you are close to the display. The second is because with the slow moving traffic, passing viewers will be able to read it clearer than a lower resolution display. And third, the full color high-resolution display draws the attention to the business and sign, acting like a personal billboard for their business.
Electro-Matic Visual is happy to see Front Street Insurance having success with their new full color, high-resolution LED display and taking advantage of their location to communicate to the slow moving high traffic street!

If you would like to build your own LED sign try out our custom LED sign builder at:  visual.electro-matic.com
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The Dow Event Center Upgrades Their Outdoor Lighting to LED

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Mar 15, 2017 2:49:47 PM
The Dow Event Center, owned by Southern Management Group (SMG), most known in the community of Saginaw, MI, where it resides. The Dow Event Center is home to the Saginaw Spirit Hockey Team of the OHL, but also host numerous concerts, theater performances, and other events. Capable of hosting and providing necessary accommodations, the Dow Event Center is a complete facility. If there was anything holding The Dow Event Center back it was their outdoor lighting.

Tyler Abbs, of The Dow Event Center, decided to work along with Electro-Matic Visual to tackle their outdoor lighting situation. Electro-Matic Visual was able to supply Abbs and SMG with the proper LED lighting for The Dow Event Center.

“Ben Riedel and Electro-Matic Visual had the knowledge of picking the correct solution for our situation, that had plenty of variables, and they were spot on” – Tyler Abbs, Facilities Manager, The Dow Event Center

Making the process simple, effective and accurate was crucial for Abbs to implement LED lighting and stating “the photometrics and the energy audit that was taken was 99% accurate from what I have seen so far and after the lights were installed they were about 20% brighter than what I was anticipating”.

One of the problems they had was guests did not feel like it was a safe environment to take their children to because the lighting was poor. With the installation of LED Lighting The Dow Event Center was able to increase their lighting to achieve the goal of making guests feel welcome and safe.

“Our guests visiting The Dow have complemented the lights and how it has made them feel safe and how they feel comfortable bringing their kids with them.” –Tyler Abbs, Facilities Manager, The Dow Event Center.
If you would like to learn more about LED Lighting and how it can save you money try our ROI calculator or visit our website: visual.electro-matic.com
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The City of Royal Oak Uses LED Displays to Benefit Residents and Guests

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Mar 15, 2017 2:42:40 PM
The City of Royal Oak, MI partners with Johnson Sign Co. of Jackson, MI and utililizes Farmington Hills, MI based, Electro-Matic, to complete LED display projects with several of the citys parking garages.

“Electro-Matic Visual and Johnson Sign Co. were great to work with and made the project very much enjoyable.” – Greg Rassel, Director at the City of Royal Oak
"It was a privilege to partner with the City of Royal Oak on their parking garage sign packages. When it came to implementing Electronic Message Centers with their car count system, we partnered with Electro-Matic Visual. The team at EM Visual did an outstanding job. Their team & engineers were able to custom program their units to allow them to work with their regular software to display custom messages & tie in with the counter system to record the number of spots open in each parking garage on the same display. Electro-Matic Visual made the whole process easy on everyone & we would highly recommend them for this type of application." - Jim Johnson, Johnson Sign Co. 
The completed projects around the city of Royal Oak included 10mm LED displays throughout six separate parking garages.

Simple things can go along way. Informing passing drivers the amount of room left in the parking structure can save the headache of the people visiting, along with the current residents. Royal Oak is a popular destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment and is often very busy during the weekends, making parking hard to find. Having an up to date count on parking spots available can eliminate a bad experience and frustration so people can start their visit out on the right foot.

“With the implementation of the LED displays we are now able to communicate with the guest and residents of Royal Oak to make their visit or stay less problematic.” – Greg Rassel, Director of the City of Royal Oak
About Electro-Matic
Since 1969, Electro-Matic has helped transform American industry by supplying automation components and solutions to leading U. S. manufacturers. Today, Electro-Matic Ventures continues to leverage the value of emerging technologies by developing practical applications for industrial, commercial and retail markets. As a technology company, we help our customers turn innovation into value. As a one-hundred percent employee-owned business, our customers enjoy the benefit of a supplier partner intently focused.

If you would like to build your own LED sign try out our custom LED sign builder at:  visual.electro-matic.com
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Hunters Square Shopping Center Converts to 130 LED Lighting Fixtures

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Feb 14, 2017 2:34:46 PM
The massive 353,951 square foot shopping center is loaded with name brand restaurants and retail outlets for shopaholics to enjoy themselves at. Located on Orchard Lake Road, in Farmington Hills, MI, this shopping center is on prime real estate. With everyone’s eyes being on Hunters Square Shopping Center, they were in need of lighting to attract and promote a safe, clean, and friendly shopping environment.

Electro-Matic Visual was the right fit for the large shopping center as they provided a combined 130 LED parking lot lights and LED wall pack lights. The LED lighting gives the shopping center the clean, safe, and attractive look and feel they needed. LED lighting makes the perfect fit for all parking lots and shopping centers because of their ability to enhance visibility while drawing less energy. Case studies for similar parking lot applications have been proven to benefit companies willing to make the switch to LED lighting.

If you would like to learn more about LED Lighting and how it can save you money try our ROI calculator or visit our website: visual.electro-matic.com
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Sunnyslope Floral & Gift Capitalizes on LED Sign with Location

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Feb 14, 2017 1:36:22 PM
Sunnyslope Floral & Gift of Grandville, MI is a prime candidate to acquire an LED display to boost their business. Sitting just off I-196 this area sees an abundance of traffic. The great location that Sunnyslope resides on is a wonderful opportunity to make impressions of the passing traffic. With their new full-color LED sign, Sunnyslope can now advertise Valentines, Christmas, and Birthday specials to get passing traffic to stop in and make purchases. 
Sunnyslope upgraded their sign from a static sign board to an LED sign board to take advantage of their location and the amount of traffic it sees. Because of their high traffic area their LED sign board will be a low cost advertising medium per impression. 
Like any great looking and performing sign, it takes thought and effort to make the final product. The partnership between Signworks of Michigan, Sunnyslope and Electro-Matic Visual made this final product happen. "After months of design and client collaboration, Signworks of Michigan, Inc., located in Grand Rapids, MI, came up with a perfect solution." - Todd Frass, Signworks of Michigan, Inc. 
With the amount of different offerings that Sunnyslope has to offer, they now have the freedom to advertise any flower basket, elegant gift basket, gourmet chocolate or any other Hallmark gift they want to create buzz around. 

If you would like to build your own LED sign try out our custom LED sign builder at:  visual.electro-matic.com
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Registration is Open for Manufacturing in America 2017!

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Feb 2, 2017 2:26:30 PM

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Fuzzy's Restaurant Increases Their Savings and Visibility With LED Lighting

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Jan 16, 2017 4:17:21 PM
Fuzzy’s Restaurant is our featured January lighting project, although it does have an Electro-Matic LED display out front as well. Fuzzy’s has now become a landmark in Saginaw, MI because of the 10 years they have been serving their Johnny’s Famous Rice Pudding, their memorable folded sandwiches and homemade cinnamon bread.

Fuzzy’s is now equipped with 24 2x4 LED troffer lights, 1 2x2 LED troffer light, 8 LED Vapor Lights, and 4 LED AP Parking lot lights from Electro-Matic Visual. For a smaller building Fuzzy’s definitely takes advantage of the wide variety of lighting products Electro-Matic Visual offers. 

The best benefits that Fuzzy’s see, after switching to LED lighting, is the amount of money that they save. “We save about $2,800 per year from switching to LED lighting and we have noticed the quality and how much more lit our restaurant is, inside and out”- Ellaine Tambouids, Fuzzy's Restaurant. In fact, Fuzzy’s is seeing a lighting increase of 35% in and out of their restaurant.

If you would like to learn more about LED Lighting and how it can save you money try our ROI calculator or visit our website: visual.electro-matic.com
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CAN Council in Saginaw, MI uses LED Display to Communicate Their Important Cause

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Jan 16, 2017 4:09:49 PM
For over 30 years CAN Council has been serving Saginaw County to build communities where children are free from abuse and neglect. With such important messages, CAN Council decided it would be best to install an LED sign from Electro-Matic Visual to help spread the importance of their cause.

CAN Council has to be active in the community, much like other businesses, to make a difference and to spread awareness to the public. This is where their new LED sign board will stimulate the amount of people that know about their upcoming events and recent news. From events they do with their local hockey teams, to spreading holiday cheer, to displaying a powerful and impactful messages, CAN Council takes full advantage of spreading their message to the community with their LED sign.

CAN Council has been making an important impact in their community for over 30 years and Electro-Matic Visual is proud to help communicate their vision and stimulate their business goals.

If you would like to learn more about Electro-Matic Visuals LED signs please visit: visual.Electro-Matic.com
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