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$800,000 Skatepark in Detroit gets New LED Outdoor Lighting

3 Tips for Getting the Best Retail Store Lighting

Wayne County Parks use LED Displays to Communicate with Customers

Namdar Realty Group saves millions after LED Lighting Upgrade

Central Wesleyan Church dramatically increases web traffic after upgrading their LED display

Fifth Third sees a multi-million dollar net profit improvement after upgrading their LED bank lights

Suburban Collection Showplace turns to Electro-Matic Visual for reliable Mass Notification System

Fashion Square Mall sees a 71% reduction in lighting energy levels after LED lighting upgrade

Kafka Granite, LLC benefits from their new outdoor LED sign

Kingsway Christian School Becomes 60% More Efficient with new LED Lighting Upgrade

Village of South Rockwood benefits from new LED Sign

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What's been up with Electro-Matic Visual?

Electro-Matic’s new Fusion electronic message center increases KFC’s sales and revenue

Flushing School District saves 17 million with new LED Lighting Upgrade

Martinaire Aviation Becomes 75% More Efficient with LED Lighting Upgrade

Monroe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Upgrades to new LED Display

Favorite Metro Food and Spirits Hot Spot Gets LED Sign Upgrade

Dow Event Center Gets an LED Upgrade

What is the Lifespan of an LED Billboard?

How to Calculate ROI of an LED Billboard?

4 Revenue-Generating Differences Between Static and Digital Billboards

Harvest Barn Word of Life Church Reduces Energy Bill by 75% With LED Lighting

Simply Fresh Uses New LED Sign for Significant Traffic Increase

Pheasant Run Plaza Uses New LED Sign to Attract More Customers For Their Tenants

ACME Sign Brings in Electro-Matic Visual for LED Sign Application

Electro-Matic Visual's Fusion LED Sign Gives A West Michigan Car Wash A Competitive Advantage

Culver's of Lake Zurich, IL Installs LED Sign to Promote Their Menu Items

Starbucks of Saginaw, MI Includes LED Lighting On New Building

How Long Do LED Signs Last? 

4 Ways to Save Time With Digital Signage

5 Ways to Improve Community Engagement with Electronic Signs

What Size LED Sign Do I Need for My Municipality?

Troy Dental Studio Uses LED Sign & LED Lighting for Their New Location

Wilson Town Center Receives Big Rebate on LED Lighting and Sees an Impressive ROI

Taco Bell in Mt. Pleasant, MI Uses New Full Color LED Display to Gain Competitive Advantage

Fashion Square Mall Converts to Interior LED Lighting to Boost Customer Engagement

Fashion Square Mall Converts Interior & Exterior Lighting to LED and Sees Huge Savings

Salem-South Lyon District Library Uses LED Sign to Connect With Community

Electro-Matic Visual's Smart Wireless Lighting Designed to Improve ROI on LED Lights

Electro-Matic Visual's New Fusion LED Display Gets Installed to Spark Business at Century 21

KFC in Trotwood, OH Upgrades to LED Sign to Increase Sales by 30%

LED Wall Packs Increase Visibility and Security While Reducing Energy Consumption at Fabiano Brothers

7 Reasons to Work With Electro-Matic for Your LED Lighting Projects

Fabiano Brothers Reduces Energy Consumption and Increases Productivity with LED Office Lighting

Weathervane Installs LED Sign To Maximize Exposure

5 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Curb Appeal

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Fuzzy's Family Diner Increases Traffic by 25% With Their New LED Display

Pfeiffer Used Car Lot Transitions From Dim Metal Halide to Brighter LED Parking Lot Lights

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5 Tools for Your ESCO Energy Efficiency Audits

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Frequently Asked Questions about LED Displays

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10 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

How Factory Lighting Affects Manufacturing Productivity

The United States Post Office in Holland, MI Converts to LED Lighting with Electro-Matic Visual

Burnips Equipment Co. Utilizes LED Sign for New Location in Dorr, MI

Fabiano Brothers Installs 250 LED High Bay Lights to Improve Facility

Front Street Insurance Agency Takes Advantage of Location With Installing An LED Message Center

The Dow Event Center Upgrades Their Outdoor Lighting to LED

The City of Royal Oak Uses LED Displays to Benefit Residents and Guests

7 Questions to Ask LED Sign Vendors

Hunters Square Shopping Center Converts to 130 LED Lighting Fixtures

Sunnyslope Floral & Gift Capitalizes on LED Sign with Location

7 Ways Electro-Matic Programmable LED Signs are Superior

Registration is Open for Manufacturing in America 2017!

Do I Qualify for LED Lighting Incentives?

Fuzzy's Restaurant Increases Their Savings and Visibility With LED Lighting

CAN Council in Saginaw, MI uses LED Display to Communicate Their Important Cause

Benefits of Modular LED Lighting and Design

Choosing the Right Size of LED Sign for Your Church

The Effects of Lighting for Retail Spaces

5 Guidelines to Parking Lot Lighting Design

Electro-Matic's Charity Team Donates to Two Local Charities for Holiday Season

Leader Dogs for the Blind in Rochester, Mi Upgrades Facility and Signage

Financing Church LED Signs

How Much is an LED Sign?

Where to Start with Buying LED Signs for Churches and Schools

Motor City Harley Davidson Installs LED Lighting & LED Displays

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Understanding the Facts on LED Street Lighting

11 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption in Commercial Settings

Central Wesleyan Church Uses LED Display for Community Awareness

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Great Lakes Dentistry Features Electro-Matic's LED Displays and LED Lighting

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The Farmington Players puts Electro-Matic's LED Sign Front and Center

Brighton Chamber of Commerce Installs Full Color LED Display from Electro-Matic

Electro-Matic Visual Installs Two New LED Displays at the Premier Event Center in Mid-Michigan

Manufacturing in America Event Scores High at Ford Field!

Electro-Matic Visual Installs Two LED Displays in the Town of Dover, New Jersey

3 Considerations for Your Parking Lot Lighting Control Upgrade

6 Energy Efficient Ideas for Car Dealerships

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Energy Efficiency Grants for Schools

Financing Energy Efficiency Projects

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The Comprehensive Energy Audit Software Comparison

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Selling Energy Services & Energy Savings Projects in 3 Steps

How LED Wireless Lighting Will Reduce Your Operating Expenses

How Changing Your LED Lighting in Your Parking Lots Can Make Your Business More Attractive

LED Lighting for Universities and College Campuses

Key points to consider when specifying a manufacturer of LED based Electronic Message Centers

Spring Arbor University chooses Electro-Matic Visual for eye-grabbing Full Color LED Display

Upgrading to LED Lighting is a Financial “No – Brainer”

Advertising efforts of Henry Ford OptimEyes receives renewed focus with the help of LED Display from Electro-Matic Visual

Visual Andon Systems: When to use Industrial LCD or LED Displays

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Harley Davidson revs up their Elkhart, Indiana location with an LED display from Electro-Matic Visual

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Ford Motor Company Set to Invest Millions to Switch to LED Lighting

U. S. Cities Reaping Benefits From LED Streetlight Conversions

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Mistakes to Avoid With Business LED Signs

How LED Lighting is Improving College Campuses

What is LED Retrofitting & Will it Work for me?

LED Lighting Industry Creates Job Opportunities

Prepare Your School for the 2014-15 School Year with an LED Message Center

Switch to LEDs & Save 15% with the DTE Energy Michigan Made Bonus

How LED Retail Lighting Can Enhance Customer Experience

How to Set Your Business Apart with an LED Ticker Sign

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6 Cities Investing in LED Street Lights

The Hidden Costs of Incandescent Lights vs. LED Lighting

5 Ways Restaurants Can Draw in New Customers With an Outdoor LED Sign

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4 Lighting Solutions for Municipalities

Tubelite to Distribute EMP LED Lighting and LED Displays Nationwide

Electro-Matic Products LED Lighting AR Series fixtures are victorious with the Corvette Racing Team

Wayne and Huron Counties keep PACE!

Macomb County gets PACE!

4 Ways to Save With LED Lighting

3 Places LED Lights Can Make a Huge Difference

Why Every School Needs Digital Signage

4 Industries that Could Benefit from Better Signage

Electro-Matic Products, Inc. and Curb Appeal concepts team up to bring an LED digital sign to Allen Park Middle School

Electro-Matic Visual Products adds HyperionPlus digital display to expand California Market

Electro-Matic Products, Inc. helps with new title sponsor announcement for 2013 Michigan State Fair

Electro-Matic Products Continues to Expand in the Chicago Market

Electro-Matic Products Thrives: Featured in local Observer & Eccentric

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Headlines Manufacturing in America

Electro-Matic Products Takes Part at Culver's Reunion

Employee-owned Electro-Matic clicking on all servos. Industrial automation distributor completes ESOP, poised for growth

3  Differences Between Indoor LED Displays and Outdoor LED Displays

Benefits of LED Signs for Restaurants

LED Lighting Celebrates 50 Years!

A Bright Future for Solid State Lighting

Electro-Matic Products Hyperion Plus Welcomes Visitors to Wisconsin

Electro-Matic's Hyperion Plus Digital Outdoor Displays Are Green and Clean

Electro-Matic Products Digital Signs Continues to be an Asset to Genisys Credit Union

Metro Detroit’s Eastside Gets Brighter, Thanks to Electro-Matic’s Hyperion Plus LED Sign!

New Sales Representation for Electro-Matic Products, Inc. in Michigan, Ohio and Illinois

MDOT Installs Solid State LED Lighting

Hyperion Plus LED Billboard Display Installed in IKEA Canada

Electro-Matic Visual Products Release the Latest VisionsPlay Software

How Do Andon Systems Improve Your Lean Manufacturing Program?

Thinking Outside of the Box for a Large Hyperion Outdoor LED Display

LED Lighting Products Now Available