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Stunning new LED Signage Installed as Part of GLC Live Rebranding

Posted by Electro-Matic on Dec 6, 2023 12:29:49 PM


In the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, a renowned entertainment venue underwent a remarkable transformation, evolving from its former identity as 20 Monroe Live to the vibrant GLC Live. This change wasn't just a name swap; it marked a significant rebranding initiative, fueled by a strategic partnership with Gun Lake Casino.

Rebranding with LED Signage

Before the rebranding, GLC faced practical challenges, particularly with its signage. Their process of changing letters on a traditional changeable copy board, situated 30 feet above the ground was cumbersome. This task not only proved inconvenient, as new shows were performing almost daily, but also posed safety hazards, requiring manual labor and scissor lifts during odd hours or even amid ongoing performances.

Benefits of a new Entertainment Venue LED Display 

To overcome these challenges and bring GLC into the modern era, the venue enlisted the expertise of Kendall Sign Company, and Electro-Matic Visual. The collaboration aimed to replace the outdated signage with a cutting-edge solution that would seamlessly integrate with GLC's new image.


The solution presented itself in the form of a 120x630, 10mm LED display. This state-of-the-art technology not only addressed the logistical issues of manual letter changes but also opened up a world of possibilities for dynamic and scheduled content. The LED display became a game-changer, allowing GLC to schedule content weeks in advance, providing a more convenient and visually captivating experience for both visitors and passersby.

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GLC now enjoys a level of convenience and eye-catching appeal that was previously unattainable. The dynamic nature of the LED content enhances the overall ambiance of downtown Grand Rapids, attracting attention and creating a lasting impression.

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