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7 Tips to Better Content for LED Signs

Posted by Electro-Matic on May 15, 2023 11:06:00 PM

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It has been documented by the Small Business Association that incorporating an LED display sign, commonly referred to as an Electronic Message Center, improves your business’s visibility which leads to increased sales ranging from 15% to 150%. Here at Electro-Matic Visual, we believe the biggest factor in maximizing your business impact is the content displayed on the LED sign. In this blog, we will examine creative content for LED signs to help achieve larger impact for your business.

Dooleys_after3.jpg1. Full Color Graphics

Graphic Images fit to your display’s matrix enhance the visibility of your LED signboard. LED signs are pixel based technology and the proper sized graphics look better on your sign. The better the image on your sign the more eyeballs you attract. Incorporating colorful graphics on your full-color EMC makes it highly visible to the public.

2. Animation 

Animation slides show some level of movement. They are highly visible and show best in full color applications. In a lot of cases this movement can be subtle such as the commonly seen American Flag. In others, the movement is a full on small movie to a degree. Using animation in content for LED signs is another eyeball grabber. This can be especially effective at intersections where you might be stopped at a red light. Again the adage, the more eyes to your business sign, the more familiar people become with the business, more likely the consumer spends money at the business.

3. Scheduled Playlist

Scheduling your play list files with an end date is a great example of advanced programming skills. Scheduling allows your full color images to become time sensitive. Studies declare adding a pricing element to your file means that the viewer is almost twice as likely to remember your add when compared to static signs. The end dates easily generate calls to action.

VUE software by Electro-Matic is an online cloud-based software program compatible with all operating systems for anything including electronic message centers, to LED video walls, televisions, menu boards, digital billboards, and more. This new software contains countless features that are all extremely user-friendly.

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4. Background Images

Content for LED signs should be fleshed out with full imagery. Background images are a great way to enhance the visibility of your display. With a quick resize of the image you are quickly able to load impressive images onto your unit. This helps draw viewers as well because the sign can show the selected image without the need for the Art Department to get involved.

5. Professionally Created Images

There is no doubt that professionally created content shows the best on the electronic message centers. Most manufacturer’s software can utilize Text, graphics, video files utilizing AVI, SWF, WMV, GIF, MPG, MP4, and 3GP file formats supported (May require installation of free-ware video codecs), logos, multiple font styles and sizes utilizing standard fonts and Windows True Fonts, jpeg and bitmap picture files.

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Graphic Designers are most familiar with these types of formats and when you combine this with their creativity, the custom content becomes gold. Often the return on your image creation is quick. Creative content is very precise to the individual and allows more personalization versus manufacturer’s graphics libraries, which have to fit mass audiences because of their wider customer base across vertical markets.

6. Text Overlay

Whether you show graphic images or animations, adding text overlay to particular frames in your animation or overtop of your background image allows similar individual creativity and ability. Possibly allowing you to use one background image that has shown success to be used for more files throughout your yearly business cycles and specials.

7. Font Choices

Font choices are critical as well. Any font available on the workstation that your sign software sits on can be uploaded to your LED sign. Because of the pixel based nature of your LED sign certain fonts look better. Bigger block fonts show well. Also capital letters are easier to read by the masses. Stay away from cursive or other fonts that are squiggly in nature. They lose their effect when shown on the displays.

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Sticking to these basic suggestions can maximize your overall business impact as well as your overall return on investment. The better your sign is programmed the more the public will notice your sign and your business. Electro-Matic Visual offers a tremendous amount of resources and support in this area because we believe there is no bigger impact that you the owner has under their control.

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