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5 Ways to Improve Community Engagement with Electronic Signs

Posted by Electro-Matic on Feb 15, 2023 7:47:00 AM


Municipalities, schools, and churches often host a wide range of activities, from events to fundraisers, dinners, meetings and more in their respective communities. However, getting the word out about these events can be challenging. Electronic signs can improve community engagement by giving these events more visibility and making the messages more memorable. Here are the 5 things to consider working to improve community engagement with electronic signage. 

How to Use Electronic Signage to Improve Community Engagement

1. Have an Attractive Sign

Almost every municipality or community organization has some level of generalized signage. Organizations that develop visually attractive signage help residents identify and remember local events, driving more community engagement. Electronic signs vary a great deal and there are many noticeable and visually appealing options to choose from. If your organization's or municipality's sign is old, outdated, or appears rundown, consider updating or replacing your sign. A new look will not only turn heads, but it will elevate the professionalism of your messages and your organization. Be sure to choose the right resolution for your LED sign and find the right LED display size to get the best results.

2. Integrate LED Signs

There are few mediums available with more visibility than a LED sign or another electronic sign. Viewers are twice as likely to remember a digital ad versus a static ad when driving by. The ability to control the content and deliver timely messaging allows for unparalleled ability to deliver meaningful messaging in real time. Making messages more dynamic and memorable with electronic signs will help to improve community engagement.

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3. Select a Busy Location for Your Electronic Sign

Selecting the proper installation site is critical to capture the biggest possible audience. This does not always translate to the City Hall location and/or the municipality borders. However, if City Hall happens to fall on main thoroughfares where traffic is constant, it allows the local government to capture a mass audience easily. This can also help to improve the building curb appeal. When the electronic sign is more visible and more community members pass it more often, the message is not only more likely to be seen, but more likely to be remembered, increasing the likelihood that community members will become involved.

RNMA64G00534. Use Compelling Electronic Sign Content 

RNMA64G0053Selecting the best LED sign content will help to increase awareness and improve community engagement with local events or causes. Almost all electronic signs are capable of text based messages, however many are also capable of graphic content. Graphic content is more visible to the viewer and more effective in capturing the attention of your community. Information on common community events such as fundraisers, fairs, holiday events, local sporting events, and local business themes are popular and easy to manage. Developing content themes with graphics allows the municipality to effectively edit and manage their content. When adding content to your display, proper scheduling will guarantee each message is current.

5. Involve Local Groups to Widen Community Engagement

Collecting artwork from community groups allows municipalities to personalize their content. Many events use custom logos and other advertising pieces which can be displayed clearly on a the community electronic signs. Holidays, local sporting events, or businesses events present an ideal opportunity to diversify the content with custom, colorful logos, seasonal graphics, or exciting animations. By using content from local groups, the electronic sign will generate more community engagement across wider audiences.

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Great signage can increase a municipality or any business’s attendance, traffic, sales, activity and more. Making an electronic sign a part of your displays gives your municipality more visibility, and helps to improve community engagement. Using great electronic sign message ideas, a good location, and involving local groups are just a few ways you can get the most out of your electronic signs. To learn more about ordering a new electronic sign or to learn about updating your existing signage, contact us or check out our free catalog. 


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