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New Winchester Speedway EMC Works Wonders for Community Involvement

Posted by Molly Austin on Mar 12, 2024 4:12:11 PM

Winchester Speedway-2

Winchester Speedway, situated in White River Township, Randolph County, on the outskirts of Winchester, Indiana, is a half-mile paved oval motor racetrack that accommodates 5,000 spectators and boasts the moniker "World's Fastest 1/2 mile." With its 37-degree banking, it ranks among the steepest tracks in motorsports and holds the title of the highest-banked active racetrack in the United States.

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Before Electro-Matic, the racetrack's signage was a homemade non-electronic board that you had to manually slip letters into. Winchester Speedway was approached by Fox Sports, who were looking to do a documentary of how racetracks and communities work together for the benefit of each. With that objective in mind, Fox proposed that Winchester Speedway reach out to community resources to assist them with getting an electronic message board. The LED display would serve the dual purpose primarily for promoting events at the racetrack, and secondary, promotion of the community during the offseason.

Winchester Speedway-1

After shopping around, Electro-Matic, and two other companies were in the running to work with Winchester Speedway on the project. "Electro-Matic was great. They came in asking the right questions, superior expertise, and the determination to meet our needs," Larry Boos, Winchester Speedway. After a thorough site study analyzing optimal distance, size, foot traffic, etc. EM Visual sealed the deal with their sign demo presentation.

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Since installation in the summer of 2023, the new LED display has greatly enhanced the property both aesthetically, and informationally. "The sign has not only significantly raised awareness of the racetrack, but has done wonders for promoting and supporting things going on in the community. We've seen a huge increase with the influx of inquiries that come in now compared to before," stated Boos. 

Electro-Matic Visual couldn't have done it without Greenfield Signs & Lighting, who did the fabrication and installation for this awesome project.

Below is a photo of Winchester Speedway's previous signage:

winchester old sign

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