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10 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Posted by Billy Brookhart on May 23, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Every small business has hit a point of stagnation, where you decided to explore the options to expand their market. Whether or not this is your current situation, here are 10 marketing ideas for small business.

1. Join the Chamber of Commerce

  1. Membership brings Identity to your business It will increase positive perception to your prospective customers. And show your loyalty to the community.
  2. It can help Increase your visibility in the community. The Chamber can help you promote your business within its web site, blogs and newsletters.
  3. They can assist in Creating networking opportunities. This will help you meet and discuss opportunity's within the community and increase business contacts.
  4. Receive customer referrals. Your local Chamber receives calls daily from prospective customers looking for referrals, by being a chamber member they will know who to direct your business too.
  5. Get involved with theChamber events and programs. Get involved with local Chamber events to show community support.

2. Use Email Automation

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

An email automation system like Constant Contact helps you create emails that provides you HTML templates which includes fonts, colors and graphic placeholders for the ease of customizing your logo and email format. It gives you the ability to measure the response to your email campaign, it will tell you who opened the email and what they clicked on.

3. Have a Facebook Page

With Facebook you can put yourself in front of your customers with just a click, it gives you to update products, videos and it gives your customer a way of sharing comments to other customers about you business to your target community.

4. Twitter

It gives you the ability to keep informed about what is happening in your industry and keeps you informed as to what your competition is doing. It will help direct traffic to your business and it will help to inform your customers about your products. Twitter is also a good way to promote your business immediately. If you are running a one-day promotion, Twitter may be a good place to promote it.

5. Write Blogs


Blog Marketing for Small Businesses


Writing blogs will help attracting customers to your website. This can bring in additional leads and additional sales. It gives the customer the opportunity to learn more about you company and your products. It also allows you to prove your knowledge of your industry, and draw in people who are locally searching for information about your industry.If you research SEO and look into starting a blog, blog posting can be a powerful marketing idea for small businesses.

6. Customer Testimonials

There is nothing better than great customer testimonials about your product and services. It gives your company and products credibility and trust.

7. Keep Your Web Site User Friendly

Their is nothing more harmful than a website that will turn customers away. Keep your website user friendly, keep your menu easy to find and navigate through. don't ad pop ups, don't hide contact information or make it hard to find. Keep your web site updated and fresh. Provide a link to customer testimonials.

8. Join LinkedIn

You can find several benefits from joining LinkedIn. Including finding qualified business connections, increases your exposure, it gives you the ability to discuss your accomplishments, it gives you credibility and it can help generate new customers.

9. Upload Videos On Youtube

Much like other social media services Youtube can be a great way to reach out to your prospective customers to show them your products and tell them the features that will help benefit them. It gives you the ability to reach out to a broader audience and introduce your products.

10. Customer Satisfaction Surveys


Survey Marketing for Small Businesses

The benefit of customer surveys will help you improve your product and service to your customer, it will help you monitor your customers satisfaction with you products and service, it will help you create a better customer experience. It will also help you keep customers loyal to your company.



There are many different marketing ideas for small business visibility. While one large side of promoting business visibility is the digital realm, don't ignore the benefits of promoting your small business phsycially. If you're interested in learning about how LED Signage can help get information to your customers immediately, download the whitepaper below.

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