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Pfeiffer Used Car Lot Transitions From Dim Metal Halide to Brighter LED Parking Lot Lights

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Jun 14, 2017 9:51:55 AM
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The Dan Pfeiffer Automotive Group has several different locations throughout the Grand Rapids, MI area. The result from having so many different locations is a lot of selections of great cars, but also a lot of area to light during the after hours. Pfeiffer Used Cars & Quick Lane Auto Center was searching for a more efficient way to increase their lighting levels in their lot, that resides directly off of Highway 131. Electro-Matic Visual stepped in to help provide a solution. 

After the lighting audit was determined, Electro-Matic Visual and Appearance Products worked together with Pfeiffer Used Cars & Quick Lane Auto Center to complete the installation process. “Working with EM visual has been great for our LED lighting division. I rely on them to do site surveys, photometric layouts, and recommending the best product so all I need to worry about is selling the job and handling installation. And since their products are made in Michigan I know my customer is getting the maximum rebate possible.” – Ryan DeHoog, General Manager, Appearance Products.

Electro-Matic Visual and Appearance Products are happy to see that not only did Pfeiffer Used Cars & Quick Lane Auto Center receive a maximum rebate possible by buying a Michigan made product, but they are also reducing their energy savings by over a third. All 83 fixtures were swapped out from metal halide lights to Electro-Matic Visual’s LED parking lot lights for optimal savings and efficiency.

Pfeiffer Used Car & Quick Lane Auto Center will continue to see energy savings throughout their estimated life time of over 100,000 hours and with virtually zero maintenance costs, their LED lights for their parking lot seem to be the perfect solution.
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