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Posted by Molly Austin on Dec 11, 2020 9:01:21 AM

The advancement in LED technology has busted open countless creative doors for the competitive retail industry. LED signs are one of the most powerful and modern ways you can communicate who you are as a business.

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At Electro-Matic Visual Solutions, we realize how important it is to stand out in a crowd. Our LED retail signs are designed to increase your visibility and brand exposure by turning drive-by traffic into customers. The creative freedom and ability to customize content and tailor messages throughout the day presents an opportunity to reach different and specific audiences by allowing you to promote in-store specials, upcoming events, new employees, company partners, and much more.

With our LED displays, you can update, change, and announce specials, promotions, and new products all within seconds. Companies that invest in an indoor or outdoor retail sign see their business increase by 15 to 150%. Personalizing your digital display can create an experience people are more likely to return to.

Basic Content for LEDs

Here are the types of content you can program onto your LED display:

  • Text message
  • Text message with a background image or picture
  • Image (by itself)
  • Graphic
  • Videos and live feed
  • RSS feed (stock/weather/sports ticker)
  • Time and temperature readings
  • Media player

Restaurants and Food Franchises

Customers have a variety of options for fast food, and many customers make impulse decisions for food purchases while on the road and when noticing specials on the restaurant’s signage.

Both full service and quick service restaurants still use traditional manual letter boards to promote offers and announcements. The main issue with manual reader boards is the unnecessary labor for owners (and employees) to physically change out the letters to form a new message. Additionally, manual letter boards are bland so less people are likely to remember the message you put out, if they even notice it at all. Here at Electro-Matic Visual, we've helped many franchises make the switch to digital. Restaurant digital signage can display the best of their food as well as entertain customers as they wait for their food, boosting overall satisfaction. It is crucial to provide a visually appealing experience that will entice customers to come back for more visits.

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Restaurant businesses have to stay modern by offering fresh, new items on their menu. The easiest way to broadcast new menu items is by using digital signage to reach out to consumers driving by their locations. Displaying new and daily specials will always have customers coming back for more.

To recruit employees, it can be beneficial to post that help is wanted at restaurant locations and any job openings as well as the benefits that come with the position.

Other Small Businesses

Whether you create revenue by selling a product or providing a service to consumers, you can engage people by showcasing those offerings on your LED signage. This type of advertisement will highlight your product/service while reinforcing the reputation you already have for said items and draw in more attention. Place your business’s best, most popular, or most valuable products and services upfront by featuring them on a prominent digital sign. The benefit of featuring products and services through digital signage is that you can easily update your information as products or promotions take new priority.

You could also use your digital display to show a product in action. This is a great tactic for products that offer visual results, are difficult to describe, or are new to the market.

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If there is a sale at your business, you could provide onlookers images of the discounted items and include the special price for each item. Also provide information of discounted services as well.

LED signage provides the perfect opportunity to announce new offerings. If you wish to communicate incentives and bonuses such as loyalty programs, display those on your sign as well. Establishing a constant relationship with your customers will guarantee foot traffic and revenue. People trust and value customer reviews. Let visitors see what other happy customers are saying about you by sharing quotes on your display.


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Mohican Church of the Brethren Upgrades to EM 11mm Fusion Display

Posted by Molly Austin on Dec 10, 2020 11:41:29 AM

West Salem, Ohio's Mohican Church of the Brethren is passionate about spreading the gospel, reflecting the love of Christ and positive growth. They are a community that encourages all to visit and experience the difference Christ has made in their lives. 

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Unfortunately, Mohican Church sits a few hundred feet off the road, making it difficult for people to find. Additionally, they are located next to another church and cemetery, which has caused confusion as to which entrance is for each organization. They made the decision to update their signage as a solution that would make them more visible and established, while also communicating information to the community more effectively.

Electro-Matic Visual provided a demo for Mohican Church facilities committee to compare the 16mm and 11mm displays. A month later, EM provided Mohican with another demo for the congregation to see. Mohican decided that the Electro-Matic 11mm Fusion Display was a perfect fit for their church. The crisp and clear 11mm display allowed Mohican to promote information and graphics for service times, ministries, and upcoming events.

Products and Services Used
Electro-Matic Fusion 11mm – sold and installed by Aker’s Signs (Canton, OH)

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Action Water Sports Upgrades to Electro-Matic LED Sign

Posted by Molly Austin on Jul 13, 2020 3:46:50 PM

Action Water Sports is a Michigan-based boat dealer and retailer with locations in Hudsonville, Fenton, Traverse City, and Florida. Action Water Sports Hudsonville is also home to Michigan’s first and only full-size cable park. The cable park is used for lessons, demonstrations, and other special events.

After years of growth and a large renovation to their Hudsonville location, Action Water Sports knew they wanted to upgrade their signage to match their updated building. Their existing monument sign was in nice shape but had an outdated changeable copy sign that was inconvenient to change. It also didn’t capitalize on the skills of a strong in-house digital marketing team.

LED Sign Upgrade

The goal of the project was to upgrade their exterior monument sign to reflect the high level of service and products they carry in their store, while also staying within the size and content limits of the local jurisdiction. The space of the existing changeable copy sign was a unique size that they were not sure could be filled with an LED sign.

Action Water Sports enlisted the help of their long-time signage partner Midwest Sign Company of Byron Center to assist. Midwest Sign had recently seen the new 6mm LED sign at Meadow’s Crossing in Allendale and knew the same Electro-Matic product could potentially be a great fit. Midwest Sign had the owner of Action Water Sports check out the sign at Meadow’s Crossing and he agreed the 6mm pixel spacing would be ideal for this location. Between the close proximity to the road and the type of content they wanted to put on the sign the 6mm option made the most sense.

Benefits of New LED Signage

Because Electro-Matic signs have the most size options available out of any LED manufacturer, Midwest Sign and Electro-Matic were able to configure a 6mm LED sign that fit perfectly in the existing sign cavity. This meant Action Water Sports did not need to worry about exceeding their allowable square footage and the high pixel density of the Electro-Matic display allowed their digital marketing team the freedom to put breathtaking high-resolution pictures on their sign. Now, Action Water Sports could change their messages on the sign instantly and more frequently from the comfort of their office. They are now able to promote more services and products that they couldn’t fit on the changeable copy sign they had previously. Midwest Sign did a terrific job with the installation and commented on the ease of installation.

List products and services EM used:
120 x 300 matrix 6mm Electro-Matic Fusion LED Display

"Alan and his team at Electro-Matic were great to work with on this project!  We had a problem and Alan had a solution. His prompt responses to our questions and willingness to literally walk along side of us and our client through the process was remarkable. The quality and clarity of the 6mm unit we purchased along with their customer service far exceeded our expectations.  Well done Alan!"

– Mike Tiesma, Director of Business Development at Midwest Sign Company

"It’s been a pleasure to work with Mike at Midwest Sign Company and the Action Water Sports team for this sign project. I could not think of a better fit than the 6mm Fusion LED sign we used at this location. The AWS marketing team picked up on the software immediately to provide remarkable looking content from day 1. Midwest Sign Company provided exceptional service from start to finish and I would not hesitate to work with them again. Thanks again for your support!"

– Alan Nicholson, Regional Sales Consultant

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Ohio Outdoor Helps Local Businesses Advertise During COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Molly Austin on May 13, 2020 4:28:34 PM

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many fears and uncertainties that are outside of our control. We are worried about our families, friends, job stability, and our economy. In times like these, it is important to focus on the things that we can control. We can spend more time with our families, think of creative ways to reach out to family and friends, or even find new ways to connect and interact with customers. One of Electro-Matic's billboard customers, Ohio Outdoor, has done just that.

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Reasons to Use a LED Video Wall in Church

Posted by Molly Austin & Armon Hightower on Feb 28, 2020 3:24:03 PM

LED screens for churches have turned out to be gradually popular recently as many have decided to upgrade their spaces by installing LED video walls in their sanctuaries. These video walls enable church leaders to share customized videos, images, and text (such as worship lyrics or scripture), live feeds, and other content such as messages and news. Churchgoers have actively participated in worship through additional visual features during services. 

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Dewitt Marine sees Increase in Sales with LED Sign Upgrade

Posted by Electro-Matic on Feb 25, 2020 12:43:57 PM

Dewitt Marine is a North Michigan full-service marina located at the mouth of Clam River on Torch Lake. They are the place that can satisfy all of your boating needs. Not only are they able to provide amazing boat rentals, service, repair, and new and used boat sales, but Dewitt Marine also has an easy-access store called The Clam Shack. The Clam Shack is fully stocked with everything from beer, wine, soda, ice, food, snacks, water toys, towels, lotion, sunglasses, toiletries, and apparel. It also serves as a convenient gas spot with easy dock access so you can simply pull your boat right up to the pump and pick up your cooler supplies for your day on the lake. 

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How LED School Signs Improve Communication and Involvement

Posted by Molly Austin & Armon Hightower on Feb 24, 2020 2:11:26 PM

Within the evolving trend of digital advertisement, there are various purposes for LED signage, especially when it comes to schools and universities. In the world of education, communication is critical. Digital signage is replacing old-school academic signs in school systems’ overall communications platforms. However, LED school signs do more than just display mere text and video. Digital school signage ultimately creates an active network of parents, students, teachers, staff, and the general public within the community. Schools serve as beacons of their communities while being a community within itself, where various activities take place and loads of announcements occur at any given time. The content can be a mixture of entertainment, school news and events, local information and more.

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Draw Local Attention to Your Business with a new LED Display

Posted by Molly Austin & Armon Hightower on Feb 21, 2020 4:04:26 PM

There are various advantages to utilizing LED technology to advertise business. When compared to traditional fluorescent signs, LED displays are ultimately less expensive to maintain, the lighting lasts longer, and you could have ads appear as text, images, or video. LED signs can also be installed in a variety of locations and different surfaces. It is already known that a well-designed sign can boost revenue and lead to your business’s success. According to studies conducted by the Small Business Association, with LED signage, businesses increase from 15% to 150% within the first year. However, no one wants a generic, static sign outside their establishment (yes, LED signs can be used the incorrect way). If done correctly, your LED sign can have attention-grabbing power that will immediately draw the eyes of passerby.

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Cost-Effectively Reach Your Community: Electronic Message Boards

Posted by Electro-Matic on Jan 28, 2020 1:45:46 PM

As a consumer, whether it be shopping or grabbing a bite to eat, do you think you would be drawn towards the establishment with a barely noticeable, bland, droopy vinyl banner? Or would you prefer the establishment with a nice LED electronic message board (EMC)?

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Macomb Group Takes Advantage of High-Traffic Area with new LED Display

Posted by Molly Austin on Dec 17, 2019 11:55:18 AM

The Macomb Group is a leading wholesale distributor of pipe, valves and fittings for the Midwest region and beyond. They have a total of 16 branches located throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina with headquarters in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

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