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Choosing the Right Size of LED Sign for Your Church

Church LED Signs play a vital role to communicate times of services, schedule of events, and other relevant community happenings. LED signs at churches not only communicate a message to people...Read more

Financing Church LED Signs

LED Displays can have a high sticker price compared to traditional signage. However, they can also make a significant impact on your business and they are more affordable than alternative advertising...Read more

How Much is an LED Sign?

If you’re interested in purchasing an LED sign for your church or school, some of the biggest questions will likely be How much is an LED sign? and How can we fit an LED sign into our budget? To get...Read more

Where to Start with Buying LED Signs for Churches and Schools

The decision to add an LED sign to your church or school’s property is a great improvement toward connecting with your local community. Research has shown LED signs provide the lowest cost per...Read more

What is a Process Timer and How is it Useful in Manufacturing?

If you are a basketball fan, you're probably familiar with shot clocks. In basketball, the shot clock is a timer designed to increase the pace of the game and scoring levels.  Process...Read more

LED Lighting Blog

Do I Qualify for LED Lighting Incentives?

Many incentives have been created in the last decade to encourage homeowners and business owners to make the switch to more energy efficient lighting. However, many people have a challenging...Read more

Benefits of Modular LED Lighting and Design

Modular design, or "modularity in design", is purposely designing a particular process that can be broken down into smaller parts or sections and can be integrated into different systems or can be...Read more

The Effects of Lighting for Retail Spaces

Retailers must think of LED lighting as an investment for their spaces. Picking out proper lighting for a new retail venue or upgrading existing lighting is just as important as picking out the right...Read more

5 Guidelines to Parking Lot Lighting Design

Well-designed parking lot lighting can help prevent accidents, deter crime, make your employees and guests feel more secure while still maintaining an attractive community environment. Poorly...Read more

How to Retrofit LED Lights for Parking Lots

When considering an LED lighting upgrade for an existing parking lot, the options probably seem endless. The starting point though is to ask yourself if the better option is to either replace the all...Read more