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Using Visual Factory LED Displays to Improve Productivity in Your Factory

Have you recently evaluated how you can improve productivity in your factory? Listed below are some simple suggestions of how using Visual Factory LED Displays (often called Andon Displays)...Read more

Creating ROI with a Visual Factory

Visual factory is an industry term to explain how data and information are transmitted in a lean manufacturing workplace. In a lean manufacturing environment, time and resources are dedicated to...Read more

9 Ways to Reduce Downtime in Manufacturing

Downtime is a serious threat to any manufacturing business. One of the most dreaded scenarios within a manufacturing plant is that if one area backs up, it can have a snowball effect on other areas...Read more

How the Digital Signage Industry Will Change

Each year the digital signage industry encounters new changes as it continues to grow. Become aware of how the digital signage industry will change in the future, and you'll be able to move...Read more

How to Price Outdoor Signs

One of the first questions a new sign company owner asks is "How do I price my signs?" The more complex the design, the more expensive the final cost of the sign will be. Listed below are the main...Read more

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6 Ways to Create a Sustainable Workplace

To create a sustainable workplace, organizations need to respect and understand how their operations have impacted the environment in the past, present and could impact it in the future. Maintaining...Read more

Evaluating Your Parking Lot Lighting

Buildings or facilities that are 10 years or older likely have lighting that’s outdated and costing a lot of money in energy bills. Outdoor lighting—like parking lot lighting—was once considered...Read more

5 Lighting Retrofit Solutions Provided By Energy Savings Companies

In order for energy-savings companies to offer clients recommended energy-efficient measures, they must first have a basis of research for their recommendations. Follow this simple 10-step...Read more

How to Determine Optimal Placement for Parking Lot Lights

When you have parking lot lights to replace or install, it’s critical to make a plan of where to place all of them throughout the parking lot. There are many factors to consider when it comes to...Read more

12 Car Dealership Marketing Ideas

Let’s face it; at one point or another, your TV-watching experience has unfortunately been interrupted by a low-budget local car dealership commercial featuring some owner yelling special deals at a...Read more