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Electro-Matic Visual's Fusion LED Sign Gives A West Michigan Car Wash A Competitive Advantage

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Mar 21, 2018 10:39:43 AM
Joymar Inc. is the parent company to three different car washes in West Michigan. Featured in this success story is Jenison Car Wash, located in Jenison, MI and just south west of Grand Rapids. Jenison Car Wash and general manager Greg Russo, chose Electro-Matic Visual to add a Fusion LED display to consistently attract more customers and to stay competitive.

Jenison Car Wash believed that static signs and traditional reader boards, like they had before, was just too much of a nuisance and were not effective. Having an employee change a static sign daily, or weekly, is time consuming. Jenison was seeing that they were spending too much time manually changing their reader board for a message that was getting overlooked.

From a competitive standpoint, Jenison Car Wash felt that adding an Electro-Matic Visual Fusion LED display would separate them from potential competition. An LED sign gives businesses the opportunity to have an attractive, modern look while connecting with passing traffic.

Jenison Car Wash has been enjoying their new full color, 16mm, 4’x8’, LED display and they have been seeing great results. Their three-month subscriptions and monthly memberships have seen a significant boost. They also advertised that they were hiring on their LED sign and got convincingly more applications when they tried the same thing with their old static reader board. Jenison Car Wash chose Electro-Matic Visual over the competition for several important reasons, including:
  • Customer service
  • Image quality
  • Five year parts and labor warranty
Because of what Electro-Matic Visual’s provides and after the success that Jenison Car Wash has had with their LED display they are expecting to add one to their Cascade location.
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Culver's of Lake Zurich, IL Installs LED Sign to Promote Their Menu Items

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Feb 15, 2018 10:24:45 AM
Culver’s is a well-known restaurant that is especially popular in the Midwest with the original location residing in Wisconsin. Culver’s now has 649 locations around the United States. The Culver’s in Lake Zurich, IL wanted to add an LED sign and looked to Electro-Matic Visual to provide the solution.

Electro-Matic Visual has provided over 100 LED sign solutions for Culver’s restaurants across the mid-west, making Electro-Matic Visual the best fit for the Culver’s of Lake Zurich. A 16mm Fusion full color LED display was installed for Culver’s of Lake Zurich to promote their delicious “flavor of the day” custards, pressed and seared Butterburgers, premium chicken and other mouth watering deals.

The Culver’s of Lake Zurich will not only get to enjoy their new eye-catching LED display, but they will also take advantage of Electro-Matic Visual’s Media Services Library that is full of pre-made content. The Media Services Library gives LED sign owners the luxury of having free compelling content on their sign at their luxury.

Culver’s has many different promotions that would take a large amount of energy and time to promote in traditional ways. Now the Culver’s of Lake Zurich, with their new LED sign, will be able to easily promote their great tasting deals at the pace that they require.
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What Size LED Sign Do I Need for My Municipality?

Posted by Jeff Bauman on Jan 18, 2018 7:36:00 AM

You have decided that an LED sign is in the future for your municipality. After all, what better way is there to announce community events, welcome visitors, and say thanks to public servants and municipal employees?

The right LED sign size is essential to making your sign effective. So not surprisingly, "What size LED sign do I need?" is usually among the first questions we hear from municipalities we work with. If this question is on your mind, you are in the right place. When considering what size LED sign makes sense for your municipality, you will want to start by considering budget, content, and location.

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Troy Dental Studio Uses LED Sign & LED Lighting for Their New Location

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Jan 17, 2018 3:46:21 PM
Troy Dental Studio located in Troy, MI has just moved five minuets down the road to a new state-of-the-art facility. The newly constructed building is giving Dr. Batra double the amount of space for her business. When moving into the new building Dr. Batra and Troy Dental Studio agreed that implementing an LED sign and LED lighting would give them the opportunity to build community rapport, reduce operating costs, and generate more business. Electro-Matic Visual and Image 360 teamed up to install Troy Dental Studio with an 11mm LED display and LED parking lot lighting fixtures.

LED parking lot lighting is becoming more popular by the day. Troy Dental Studio felt the benefits of LED lighting matched their goals of having a welcoming, calming and safe environment that their customers can enjoy. Electro-Matic Visual supplied Troy Dental Studio with LED parking lot lights to improve the visibility and safety for their customers, establishing the environment that they were striving for.

“Our new LED parking lot lighting from Electro-Matic Visual has given our parking lot an incredible amount of light. It compliments the clean, safe, and welcoming atmosphere that we strive for.” Dr. Shikha Batra, Troy Dental Studio

Surrounded by neighborhoods and located on the busy Crooks Road, Troy Dental Studio now has the ability to continuously communicate, build rapport and inform their community with their new 11mm LED sign.

“We have been beyond satisfied with our new LED sign as we are seeing a high engagement. We are able to communicate with passing drivers about services we offer, website information, and contact information, all from the comfort of our building.” – Dr. Shikha Batra, Troy Dental Studio
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Wayne County Lightfest Uses LED Display To Communicate With Customers

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Dec 14, 2017 1:32:57 PM
Westland, MI is home to Wayne County’s Lightfest where it is home to the largest holiday light show in the Midwest. Visitors pay a small fee or donate a toy, on certain nights, to gain access to the light show. Visitors then enjoy over 100,000 lights and nearly 50 animated themed displays as they stroll through the property in the comfort of their own vehicles. With lines that get lengthy for such an attraction, the Wayne County Lightfest has implemented a 16mm LED display from Electro-Matic Visual to keep things running smooth.

With a high interest, the Lightfest often has a respectable line. While customers momentarily wait in line, the LED sign gives the customers information on the $5 fee, cash only, hours of operation and more. The information that the LED display communicates allows the line to move faster and more efficient, making the experience for everyone much more enjoyable.

The LED Sign from Electro-Matic Visual is actually the same design as our trailer demo, but with a custom wrap. This enables the Lightfest to have flexibility where they want to put their sign during peak hours or when trying to inform the community of the open date. Considering this is a seasonal operation for Wayne County Parks, they are able to transfer the sign to other events in the spring, summer and early fall.
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Taco Bell in Mt. Pleasant, MI Uses New Full Color LED Display to Gain Competitive Advantage

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Nov 15, 2017 4:21:40 PM
Taco Bell of Mount Pleasant, MI upgraded their signage with an 11mm Fusion LED Sign from Electro-Matic Visual. Taco Bell is constantly changing their menu, promoting value deals and adding new products. Having an LED sign promoting 24/7 and creating exposure to passing traffic increases their success with any of their product or menu offerings.

Taco Bell’s new 11mm Fusion LED is extra appealing with how they integrated it with the back lit Taco Bell static sign. Typically, we see LED signs that are stacked below or above a back lit cabinet and here we see this great looking LED sign stacked next to the Taco Bell sign cabinet, creating a very simple and clean looking sign.

The Fusion LED Display from Electro-Matic Visual gives Taco Bell the opportunity to display eye grabbing, full color content to promote the $1 Morning Value Menu, $5 Crispy Chicken Quesadilla Box, online ordering options and much more, giving them a competitive advantage over dull static signs. 
Creative, full color, content helps this Taco Bell stand out from sorrounding competition. Attractive, short, but to the point messages allow passing traffic to be more attracted to the LED display and better chance they stop in.  
If you would like to build your own LED sign try out our custom LED sign builder at:  visual.electro-matic.com
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Fashion Square Mall Converts to Interior LED Lighting to Boost Customer Engagement

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Nov 15, 2017 4:05:24 PM
Fashion Square Mall of Saginaw, MI, as we have talked about before, has installed both interior and exterior LED lighting to improve their facility and reduce their operating costs. In this post we will focus on just the interior application and what benefits are being seen from converting from LED lighting.
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Fashion Square Mall Converts Interior & Exterior Lighting to LED and Sees Huge Savings

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Oct 18, 2017 4:01:14 PM
Fashion Square Mall of Saginaw, MI employs over 1200 retail employees and has been doing so since its opening in 1972. Fashion Square Mall is home to popular department stores, apparel stores, fine jewelry, specialty stores, and sporting good stores for people in the Great Lakes Bay Region. With the expensive operation costs that running a shopping center brings,Fashion Square Mall decided to
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Salem-South Lyon District Library Uses LED Sign to Connect With Community

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Oct 18, 2017 3:59:45 PM
The Salem-South Lyon District Library in South Lyon, MI is focused on educating, enriching, and empowering their community. More specifically, empowering the community to utilize SSLDL’s services is a goal they strive for on a daily basis. With their new Full Color LED display from Electro-Matic Visual they will be able to inform the community about the numerous events that they hold every week. 

Being involved in the community by offering classes and events is just an example of what the SSLDL does to support and make a difference in their community. Now with the help of their LED display, they can now be more efficient with informing their community on what events and classes are taking place. Passing traffic will see incredible, eye catching colors that will tell them the date, time, place and custom picture to communicate their message.
In addition to their events and classes they offer, SSLDL also has a unique digital library that gives people access to a number of digital books and audio books. With their new LED display from Electro-Matic Visual and the ability to have custom content, SSLDL is able to make this unique feature known to their community and it ensures that people will take advantage of the offering.  
If you would like to build your own LED sign try out our custom LED sign builder at:  visual.electro-matic.com
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Electro-Matic Visual's Smart Wireless Lighting Designed to Improve ROI on LED Lights

Posted by Jesse Cameron on Sep 13, 2017 3:30:16 PM
Smart lighting is designed for ultimate energy efficiency and is a great compliment to LED lighting. Smart lighting wireless controls are the next big step to further benefit from LED lighting. Electro-Matic Visual’s wireless controls and application experience can enhance energy savings with LED lighting. These wireless controls allow dimming profiles to optimize energy consumption with lighting requirements and is just one of many ways smart lighting can optimize your ROI on LED lighting.

Smart lighting also includes motion-sensing controls and when integrated correctly with LED lighting the savings can be even more substantial. Motion sensing can be paired with wireless on/off control to automatically turn off individual lights or sections of lights. Motion sensing is also an ease of mind technology. Since the lights are turned on with motion and turned off with lack of motion, you no longer need to worry about shutting down after the day or setting up timers.

Smart lighting allows you to get numbers and reports on current draw, hours of usage, voltage functions and other data so you can see what areas you can improve on to maximize your lighting efficiency for your application.
If you would like to learn more about Smart Lighting and LED Lighting and how it can save you money try our ROI calculator or visit our website: visual.electro-matic.com
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